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  1. drakesterling

    That 1819 over-dated shilling

    Damn. Would have liked to compare yours to mine in the flesh. All well. If you find another... Eric Eigner
  2. drakesterling

    Newbie Sovereign Collector

    Hi David, I'm based in Australia but have a UK number to make it easier for UK collectors to call. I should probably have dual pricing on the site, a price in dollars and a price for sterling. Not a bad idea. Eric
  3. drakesterling

    shilling over date?

    I agree, Rob and Jerry. If you hear clopping, assume it's a horse not a zebra. I'm not sure why it was assumed to be an inverted 6 rather than a more obvious 9. I'll have to dig out the coin and take a closer look to see if there is any evidence to suggest that it is an upside-down 6.
  4. drakesterling

    shilling over date?

    Last year, I purchased this coin here (link below) described as "9 over inverted 6". http://www.pcgs.com/cert/29769125 Up until now, it was the only 1819 shilling with this kind of overdate I've seen. Are overdate varieties such as these popular in the UK? Eric Eigner
  5. drakesterling


    For me, mainly because of convenience and expense. You don't have to pay membership fees, they accept single coin submissions, and it's cheaper. And there is some respect for CGS grading within the UK. I was under the impression PCGS accepted single coin submissions. I have never myself had any dealings with CGS yet everyone seems to complain about the service they provide and the treatment they receive from the staff there so i just wondered why people keep on dealing with them. PCGS accepts single-coin submissions, but adding the shipping both ways, the cost becomes prohibitive. I’m sure there are UK dealers who can submit coins to PCGS on a collector’s behalf? I know St James does it on an ad hoc basis so long as you consign the coin to them for auction. There may be others too.
  6. drakesterling

    Newbie Sovereign Collector

    Thanks for the plug Mr T. Going back to what Mark from Ipswich wrote: I've found good deals from both the dealers and auctions. Auctions in the UK tend to be quite competitive, and I've been able to buy coins from retail dealers at very favourable prices compared to the auction houses. Having said that, there are bargains at auctions too. So keep your eyes peeled on both venues and don't rule the dealer out on the basis that he is a dealer and must be more expensive. Eric Eigner