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  1. So a bit of a long shot, and definitely one for all you bronze collectors. I have been going back through my Victoria half pennies and came across this one. A 1862 Half Penny with peculiar obtrusion's from under the F of HALF. I no longer have my microscope as it broke and I haven't got around to getting another, so have spent a good while trying to capture what I can see under a loop. I have also drawn a very crude sketch of what the F should be like and what mine is like. Has anyone seen this before? Is it noted somewhere? Any idea's would be appreciated. Thanks guys
  2. I have to say it does have a very similar look. Interesting. Thanks
  3. As a "new collector" (after coming back after 20+ years away from the hobby) I am always intrigued at the discussion's regarding what people regard as collectable and novalties. I love a bit of everything from variants to die flaws, expecially in bronze coinage which is my main avenue of collecting. I do not have many but have studied loads of images online. I would love to see more as this unusual die flaws and quirks maybe a side collection I may take up in the future. I recently aquired a reasonable 1911 penny, about VF so nothing special; to be honest I thought it was a Gouby X but as usual it wasn't. Anyway it has a nice unusual break in the "B" of BRITT so thought I would let you all have a look. Maybe of no interest to some, but I like it. Would like to see other peoples, clogged dies, etc.. as I am sure there are some fantastic ones out there.
  4. Hi All After Pete quizzed me yesterday on a coin I just thought I would have a go at identifying a Victorian Halfpenny I got for free. (By the way thanks Pete, totally appreciate all the help you have been giving me). Anyway, I think it is Freeman 316 - Obv 9 Rev J. Have I got it right? As I seem to be picking up a few Victorian pieces lately thought it was time I started actually looking into them a bit more. Thanks all in advance. Brian
  5. This is the first. I have been trawling the internet archives as well as the images of LaTour to pin point this coin. It has an obverse which looks very like the stylised head of the Boar and Eye Potin of the Senones, but after that I really can't say. It weighs 7.1g with a Dia: 16.3 mm - 17.4mm. and is 4.5 mm thick. The picture here shows it in 3 different lights. Thank you.
  6. So have just been informed the top one was found in England, the bottom one was found in Italy and had been in someone's collection for a long time.
  7. The second was sold a Aulerques (Aulerci) Cenomans AR Denier. It is 10.4 mm to 11.7 mm and weighs 1.24 grams. Would anyone have a reference for this particular coin. Thanks again Brian
  8. Here is a one I am looking for help on. It is a counterstamped 1797 Cartwheel Penny. The logo is clearly the Elephant & Castle and very professional for a counterstamp. Any idea's? Has anyone seen one before? Got this off a friend who knew I liked this type of thing so not for sale Thanks all in advance
  9. bhx7

    Counterstamped Penny - HELP

    Thanks. Jumped across abd posted there as well. Cheers 😀
  10. bhx7

    Counterstamped Penny - HELP

    Thanks Guys Very much appreciate you taking the time. Agree about the wear on the coin. I will also look into the book. Brian
  11. bhx7

    1981 Circulation Ten Pence

    Took my predecimal florin collection of Eliz II into the large ten pence coins all the way to 1992. I have also been trying to find all of the variants set out in Davies, not an easy task. However I am struggling to get a 1981 Circulation issue. Can anyone help. Thanks
  12. Hi Folks Been trying to find a reference for this coin for a while. I believe it is Valentinian, which I am not sure. It has Victory holding a wreath with OF to left field and II to right. The exergue is the mintmark CONST. I have looked at all the RIC pages online, at least the ones I know about, and still haven't been able to find a reference to it. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys. Think I have narrowed it down to a variant of RIC IX Arles 9a. Still haven't found or seen another example of the coin. Obv: VALENTINI-ANVS PF AVG - pearl diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right This is were it changes a bit: Rev: SECVRITA-S REIPVBLICAE -Victory advancing holding wreath and palm - OF in left Field, II in right - CONST (mintmark) in exergue The spacing of the last S in SECVRITAS after the wreath is not usual. I have also seen numerous single I's and III's in right field but none with II, other than the ones of Valens.
  14. Been on there Rob, unfortunately can't seem to find a match, unless I have missed something.
  15. Hi Guys Looking to identify this one. I can't seem to find it. I think it is Constantine, possibly within the "Falling Horseman" types, but cant seem to work out the extra on the reverse. Help would be appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi All I have started buying a number of ancient coins recently and am really enjoying the research. This is one of my latest a Northumbrian styca. I believe it is an Irregular strike, side one being +EARDVVLF round a central cross. The other side is more problematic. I had someone suggest it as the moneyer MONNE, but I just can't see it. Just throwing it out here to see if any of you knowledgeable folks have any idea. Thanks
  17. Hi All Now this one seems to be baffling everyone I have asked so far. I bought this tiny little coin recently more as a curio, it is a wopping 6.5-7mm diameter and weighing a whole 0.5g. It was sold to me as an ancient Greek , Asia Minor Obol. I have tried to research it and so far can't find anything like it. I did ask a few other people and they seem to think it looks more Celtic. Any idea's or places to look would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. This is what I saw initially- CRUDE Drawing Alert - Jug with grapes and a human figure in the bottom section.
  19. Mind blown My wife an I have literally looked at it from every angle. But this way we can see a Lion or some form of mythical creature. 2 legs to bottom of coin. tail coming up and round to the left of the coin as you look at it; head roaring to right. More than likely once we learn what it should be it will all be very clear!!!
  20. Hi Paddy, yes tried those with no luck. Will have another luck as you never know I may have overlooked something. Thanks Thanks Zookeeperz, still trying to visualize the crude medusa, etc... Appreciate you taking a look. The more heads the better Totally agree Craigy. I still think its probably more Greek or that way. Definitely has everyone puzzled so far. Thanks
  21. So after a nice response on my last Roman I have a quick question regarding coinage and their metals. I picked up a nice little roman coin, entitled unknown and just paid a couple of pounds. It was the head of the young boy that got me as it is a lovely portrait. I have done a little digging and think I have found the correct coin; online research only though, as I don't have any specific Roman references; but there seems to be a stumbling block. The coin I have is almost definitely bronze, weighs 2.98g and measures 14mm by 16 mm and approx 2mm thick. The one I have found which I think is correct is down as an AR Denarius. Description taken from Beast Coins website: https://www.beastcoins.com/RomanImperial/IV-I/Caracalla/Caracalla.htm Caracalla as Caesar, AR Denarius, 196?, Rome M AVR ANTONI_NVS CAES Bare head, draped, cuirassed bust right, seen from behind SECVRITAS PE_RPETVA Minerva, helmeted, standing facing, head left, reversed spear in left hand, right resting on shield 16mm x 19mm, 3.06g RIC IV, Part I, 2 (S) The sizes can vary obviously but is this just a case of a debased coin, a contemporary forgery, or something else. My coin is below, the other can be found via link Thanks in advance
  22. bhx7

    Unidentified Roman Bronze

    Thanks Guys As you say it has to be a barborous type. I have scoured the pages online as well as a few books and it just isn't sophisticated enough to be a Roman issue. Plus it looks like the horseman himself is stabbing the horse! I've now looked at other barborous types and this is actually a very nice example of its kind, so I am still very happy with it. Totally appreciate you both taking the time to reply. Cheers Brian