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  1. Nonmortuus

    Stephen Hawkings 50p

    There are a few on facebook complain about the gold proofs as they seem to have a residue on them.
  2. Thanks jaggy. I will try to get some pictures over the next few days.
  3. Thanks Rob, if is isn't a 8 over 7 its still a very nice example. If i remember I will bring it Sunday.
  4. Reviving an old thread..... As the title, is the overdate obvious under magnification? I just picked up another 1758 described as a 1758/7 but would welcome any tips on spotting the overdate or should it be blatantly obvious?
  5. Nonmortuus

    beautiful crown

    First thing I clocked... I still need one for my type example.
  6. Collecting mine from the Midland on Sunday 😀
  7. First time I have bid on LCA lots but I won one of two I was after. Another type box ticked.
  8. Nonmortuus

    1989 Half and Full Sovereigns

    That is the major reason I want one or both. I think they are rather nice to look at regardless of the price fluctuations and I feel it would be a nice addition 😀
  9. Nonmortuus

    1989 Half and Full Sovereigns

    I haven't really been tracking the price if I am honest but I am looking for an example of each to sit in my collection for a good 20 to 30 years providing I don't get hit by a bus! It does seem the graded ones carry a stupid premium though.
  10. I'm surprised it came back as cleaned @azda
  11. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BAG-OF-OLD-COINS-weight-13-9-kg/323677392174?hash=item4b5cad0d2e:g:-dMAAOSw8w1X3sTI:rk:5:pf:1&frcectupt=true Anyone fancy a punt???
  12. I just have some of the Bullion silver ones.
  13. As the title. Following the discussion on Azda thread can I have your opinions on grade please on this half crown. I dont mind slabbed coins and i am thinking of submitting it.
  14. What did that example grade at @coinkat?
  15. Thanks for the feedback. The fields actually look much better in hand and this was broken out of an ANACS slab before I bought it. At the time I felt that it had been undergraded as did the seller (obviously) but also the guys from Baldwin's on the next table.
  16. I would say it's Aef? Maybe ef? Some wear on highest points but has bags of eye appeal.
  17. Nonmortuus

    10p a-z

    After not seeing one in my change I bought a set to store away a while back.
  18. Nonmortuus

    My collection

    Join the queue!! 😁
  19. Nonmortuus

    LCA December

    How the heck did they do that?!?
  20. I picked up a lot today as well
  21. Do yourself a website on wordpress. Extremely easy to do and as long as you remember to upload the photos you can keep track and compare grades etc of what you have v what's on offer. Mind it won't stop you buying duplicates. I have 3 x 1911 and 5 x 1923 half crowns.... www.noncoins.wordpress.com Is mine and is really useful at the coin fairs.
  22. Thanks! I wish that was really the case, I am still make regular mistakes, normally spur of the moment purchases. I really need to try and curb my spending and focus in on 1 or 2 particular coins to fill type gaps in higher grades.