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  1. Nonmortuus

    LCA June

    Anyone know when the results are likely to be posted?
  2. I love the toning but the dink in the field on the 1893 and the light scuff on the 1896 means, at some point I will upgrade them but I picked up both for well under what I would have expected to normally even with the slight issues. They are ones I will no doubt upgrade but will also keep because of the toning.
  3. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I just had an email from ebay as I offered £1 for this saying it had sold for £500..... 😮
  4. Both not the highest grade but fill gaps and nice to look at for now:
  5. Better late than never:
  6. My example, graded CGS 50, gVF, as a comparison:
  7. My example, graded CGS 50, gVF, as a comparison:
  8. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Declined..... 😣
  9. Nonmortuus

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I have Rob.... lets see if he accepts my £1 offer.....
  10. I have finally got around to taking some pictures, I will upload a few this weekend if I get chance.
  11. Nonmortuus


    If its Tipton way more likely to be a burning car 😂
  12. Nonmortuus


    Not my picture unfortunately but it was taken by a local last week over looking the woods by my house.
  13. Nonmortuus

    Pennies High grade.

    If it is available at £35 Pete I will take it please. Its a substantial upgrade on the one I have.
  14. Nonmortuus

    Another treasure unearthed

    There was a large hoard of hammered silver and gold discovered last weekend up Newcastle way. There were live streams on facebook with pictures etc.
  15. I don't have anything rare, in fact the ones I have are all pretty common, 1914 A Mark etc but I I love the design and some of them seem to pick up exceptional toning.
  16. Good to see other people like them too! I will post some pictures of mine when I get around to taking them.
  17. I assume the 50 million is the rest of the UK population whether able to vote or not. 2019 estimate is approx 66.85 million , so leaving 49.45 after those who voted leave are accounted for.
  18. Nonmortuus

    1989 Half and Full Sovereigns

    I agree azda. Given the premium difference in slabs between a 69 and a 70 I may just aim for a pre stabbed one.
  19. Nonmortuus


    I would imagine URLs to a hosting site.