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  1. Hi all, Just started collecting British coins. I bought a couple recently...Waterloo £5 and First World War £20. I house the coins I've collected in a Schulz album, as I like to be able to view both sides. I'd like to remove the coins I've bought from the commemorative packaging and put them in the folder; what is the advice on this? Is it a big no-no in the numismatic world or is it my choice? Not really collecting for the packaging and it's certainly quite a tactile hobby for me. Kerakae
  2. Kerakae

    Using acetone to clean coins

    This sounds great. Coinery, when you say "cotton bud" do you mean ear cleaners? 'Q-tips' as Americans call them. And when you say "mop", do you drop the coin into the solution first or do you dip the bud then wipe the solution over the coin?
  3. Kerakae

    Removing coins from souvenir packaging

    Thanks for the advice everyone. It's always encouraging to get replys after your first post. This is what I house my coins in http://www.amazon.co.uk/BLACK-SCHULZ-inserts-coins-divider/dp/B003AJKGES I don't think they're PVC pages as the pages a quite rigid, whereas the PVC kind are flexible; I was under the impression that no albums specifically made for coins use PVC anymore. With regards to getting the coins out, I think I might go for it. It's not necessarily about them holding their value for me...if they were worth a great deal I would leave them, but I can't see their value going up dramatically. Maybe for whoever I hand the collection to upon my demise they will go up in price, but they can deal with my follies when I'm gone!