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  1. As Rob suggests these are difficult to find having been struck for three months only.

    I have two, but they were bought several years apart and it's some time since I last saw one for sale anywhere. Note mine were struck from different reverse dies.



    1698a-01 copy.jpg

    1698a-02 copy.jpg








    1698b-01 copy.jpg

    1698b-02 copy.jpg

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  2. 35 minutes ago, oldcopper said:

    Never mind the Spanish Inquisition, here come the Puritan woke! Closely followed by the grammar police.....

    A harmless and wryly amusing joke in my opinion, playing on our stereotyping, but in your eyes not as funny as picturing Trump and Hitler greeting each other, truly sophisticated humour that, or thinking about it, berating someone for having the temerity to design their own book cover not up to your expert standards.



  3. 6 minutes ago, Rob said:

    When you sign in to Easylive to register to bid on an auction it gives you the option of either a flat fee of £3 which is taken whether you win anything or not, or a 3% of hammer surcharge. That's a no-brainer. I've spent thousands on many occasions for the same £3 a pop. On very rare occasions I have not won anything, but happily paid £3 to give me the ability to bid live, particularly with less prestigious auctioneers, where you might be wary of leaving commission bids. 

    As I said, it's the cost of a pint and you need to do incredibly badly to spend more in wasted £3s than the 3% charge on any winnings.

    Me too. £3, wins or no, is neither here nor there.

  4. 11 hours ago, DaveG38 said:

    I'm not surprised. I have tried to get them to include the 1695 DEI GRATIA halfpenny, for which their laughable reply was that they couldn't possibly include every minor variety. So, a major legend change is a 'minor varient', but the tiny differences in the early Victorian pennies are 'major' and worthy of inclusion. Spink are a joke and not worth the effort.


    'Minor'? Ridiculous.

    How many confirmed examples do we now have, seven, eight? They've included the 1694 MVRIA halfpenny for many years even though, until a recent fourth came to light, only three were known.

    And if we're talking about early milled minor varieties, and whether or not they are deemed worthy of inclusion, just one 'off the top of my head' example of many, I'd suggest they might like to reconsider would be their 1675 farthing, no stop after CAROLVS. Again, been listed for years, and given a value, yet has anyone here ever seen one? I haven't, nor am I aware of anyone who has.


  5. 1 hour ago, copper123 said:

    If sold it should go under the title of "Experimental CN test coin unknown value" that would be the most honest title.

    I must admit that Britannia making all the coins personally brings a smile to my face.

    Same design as the old halfpenny trial dies. I have the 1957 one.


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