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  1. Granspennies

    Coins Left In Old Box

    Hello, I have a collection of coins that my Gran made up to and including 1967. There are a large number of pennies dating from 1860, halfpennies dating from 1903, also three pences, farthings, few half crowns and florins and shilling and sixpences. I have been trying to find out the values as I wish to sell the coins. I believe some of them are less common however I am not familiar with the abbreviations used on the site. Could anyone point me in the right direction to understand what I need to look for? I spent all day yesterday trying to list the coins and dates under the monarchs, still not completed. Then I find that the dates are not all I need to look for! I wonder if the information I need is on this site or perhaps I should buy a book? Any help appreciated, Thanks
  2. Granspennies

    Coins Left In Old Box

    Trying out the photo option to get the hang of this!
  3. Granspennies

    Coins Left In Old Box

    hello, thank you all for the replies. Gran collected the coins over many years. There are hand written lists of all the coins she thought had and seperate lists of the ones she thought had value, and an address of an auctioneer in London. She seems to have tried to make complete collections and had them in monarch and then date order. She has written on the list the grading she believed the coins to be, ie fine v fine etc, however there is no mention in any of her lists about the other things I read about as I browsed this site. Amongst the boxes of pennies she had a folder filled with pennies that seems to be complete apart from 2 coins. I will look into getting the download book mentioned here. Thank you for responding