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  1. Nordle11

    Spanish Pesetas

    Flan errors, striking errors, anything really. At this point any error coin would help!
  2. Nordle11

    1985 silver proof coin

    ..and you seemed to have forgotten how to use any type of dictionary/spell check. Although I admire your shortcut to get around the problem of having to work out how to spell cupronickel.
  3. Nordle11

    March LCA catalogue now up

    In person in London. They might email you a picture if you ask nicely.
  4. Nordle11

    Penies - Edward VII

    Titles aren't editable, unfortunately.
  5. Nordle11

    I in BRITT in penny?

    Only 4 years late to the convo better late than never
  6. Nordle11

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It does check out though http://www.pcgs.com/cert/81260679
  7. Nordle11

    More Pennies

    Pictures from VS of his 1932
  8. Nordle11

    More Pennies

    Not sure but that's one ugly looking coin, even if it is rare.
  9. Actually, it is here too! So nostalgic
  10. There's certainly a starkness to the darkness
  11. It really depends on the metal. Have a look here, it's quite informative.
  12. Probably there just to show the size/thickness as opposed to the design or denomination.
  13. Nordle11

    More Pennies

    Sounds like a very good purchase. Pics if you can VS!
  14. It's funny because the (confirmed) email address this person has used can be found here; http://www.reliableoildealsconsultancy.com/hallofscam.html which is a 'Hall of Scam'. If you're interested, search for 'Scam Lot #2' and it's person number 1 called 'Nicole' (matches Nicky123)
  15. Nordle11

    More Pennies

    I wouldn't be able to spot a matt coin if it was in front of me, proofs/matts/proof matts/VIPs etc. that's probably why I stick with circulation
  16. 1916 pennies aren't copper anyway, and probably not but if you can post pictures or any other information it would help
  17. Nordle11

    More Pennies

    Nice purchase, have you got a reverse shot Richard?
  18. Welcome to the forum Jayser. As you mentioned, people on eBay like to take the piss, unfortunately your coin's worth £2, the error doesn't do much to the value here.
  19. Nordle11

    Interesting Ebay scam

    The plot thickens!! It seems like something has gone awry during the sale/messaging/refund process. I'd be happy to send them an email to see if they respond, just let me know.
  20. Nordle11

    Interesting Ebay scam

    Is it not this seller? Seems strange to do that, and checking their feedback they don't actually sell much. Sounds like something went wrong somewhere.
  21. No, it's that the joke went over your head I have no idea how many border teeth there are.