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  1. In fairness as Cromwell farthings go it is actually a strong one and probably one of the best around - as for the price it was a little on the high side!!!
  2. One thing I will say regarding this coin is that I wasn't at Baldwins when this happened and the responsible party(s) have left.
  3. I don't think they will, I know the chap who is selling it and he is a very private individual. I am virtually certain it is the Mark Rasmussen one because you will also see the 1808 penny is for sale in that collection also in September.
  4. Colin's "update" - was a handwritten list of each item number that had been sold off the list which he then photocopied on his fax machine. He would send this to anyone that was unlucky when they phoned up for an item. Inverted commas to emphasise it was his special touch of customer service.
  5. Richard I saw your article today when I came into the office - very impressive!!
  6. Yes I will be there in March, are you going? I don't have a link because I did it on my I phone but if you search "BSJ Auctions" in any app store it will come up. The app works really well - I will still look into the other issues.
  7. I wasn't aware of the difficulties, I was at the sale but still did my bids online - I don't want people to see which items i am bidding on. I have downloaded the app on my phone and works really well with no registration issues, was registered within a few minutes. I realise that many people won't have the app so believe me I will get the auction team to look into this as I can see there are still clearly quite a few issues.
  8. I must admit I haven't logged on over Christmas, but do usually follow the forum regularly. I apologise as I have only just read his thread. With regard to CC doing an auction for a collection, it is completely dependent on what they think the collection will achieve. The reason for this is that they can't do a monthly sales list due to the time involved in cataloguing the collection and the time it takes for the auction to run it's cause. As they won't likely charge a sellers commission and in the past have only charged 15 % buyers premium it would need to realise a figure of say 100k + to make it worthwhile. It would be lee's call entirely but that is what he is likely to say.
  9. I sold one of these around 15 years ago back then it was about £1500, they are extremely rare and would sell for far more now.
  10. 1927 Gold Halfcrown was 60,000 + 12000 juice - $72,000 😉
  11. NRP

    Gold proofs

    I believe these gold proofs are undervalued in relation to US coins, a coin as rare as the 1927 halfcrown in gold would be nearer to a million dollars or more if it was a US coin.
  12. Has anyone seen the 1927 Proof halfcrown in gold coming up at heritage?
  13. NRP

    1937 £5

    Spink sold a Proof 65 in their New York Auction in January for $15000 which at the time was around £11,000 which with premium would be a touch over £13000.
  14. NRP

    Export License

    You'd be surprised how many were over that value for our auction in New York, we had to ship all the items out there so they could be viewed at the show. Plus we do have one or two items over that value in stock ;-)
  15. Are they your most prized pieces in your collection Rob?? ;-)