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  1. Once again, nothing of interest there for me.
  2. I looked at the British coins and saw a lot of gold and a lot of proofs neither of which I'm especially interested in. Lovely collection nevertheless.
  3. I just had a look. Nothing there of interest to me.
  4. I suppose you have to decided how badly you want a coin, how much you are willing to pay for it and factor the charges into that number. I have always been an auction buyer but, in this last year, I have made more Ebay and private purchases than ever before. The auction house charges are a big part of that. Still, given their ability to attract quality material and the hammer prices being paid, the auction houses seem to be getting the commercial equation about right.
  5. Just two coins that interested me but not enough to enter the bidding and especially given that DNW has a very high buyers premium at 24%.
  6. Just arrived - 1918-KN. A nice addition to my George V penny set
  7. Picked up one of my 1893 Jub 6d at Waterbird. Nice coin but marred by a couple of scratches. My other one, AU53, I got at Heritage. Both were pricey. There aren't really many bargains around these days unless you can spot something with the coin that isn't listed. I did buy a 1887 JH sixpence with JEB on the truncation for £95 hammer which is very reasonable. It wasn't marked on the NGC slab which is why I think I got away with it. I remember back in the 1980s and early 1990s buying from Glendinning's and thinking prices were high. Many of these coins look like absolute bargains today.
  8. I have a big box full of catalogues from the 1980s and 1990s. Mainly Glendinnings but also Buckland Dix Wood, Lepczyk, Hoare, a Dolphin catalogue and a few others.
  9. Picked this up about three weeks ago but I was away so didn't actually have it in hand until a couple of days ago:
  10. Just won - and paid for - this 1914 penny at BSJ. Slabbed NGC and graded MS65 RB:
  11. I was interested in one coin in this auction which was an 1892 florin. However, it went for £600 so, if I had bid, I was probably looking at £650 or £700 plus DNW's exorbitant buyers fee and it just wasn't worth that much to me.
  12. If the description says cleaned then I won't touch the coin. Unfortunately, not all auction houses and not all auctions offer an accurate description of the coin and often the photography doesn't show up flaws. Increasingly, I will only bid if the coin is certified NGC or PCGS as I have been 'burned' too many times. Not an absolute guarantee, of course, but better than the description or photo. It's a shame that it has come to this.
  13. Yes. I used a product called Steward. There is more to it than the screen I showed. I also have fields for monarch, date, two photo fields, two reference fields (e.g. ESC), size & weight, obverse details, reverse details, hammered or milled, slabbed or raw, certificate number (if slabbed). I can add any other fields I want.
  14. I think you missed my poor attempt at humour. My database has a field for the auction or dealer a coin has been bought from, the specific auction number or name, date bought, lot number, cost and provenance. There is a separate field titled 'comments'. There is, therefore, plenty of opportunity to document the 'chain'.
  15. I picked up three of your lots. 1860 sixpence 1871 sixpence - no die no. 1887 sixpence - JEB on truncation. In my records I will mark the provenance as 'Nick from Predecimal'.
  16. DNW haven't done you any favours in their descriptions. No mention of the varieties.
  17. I know, limited funds are always the problem. There are so many coins that interest me and especially the varieties. I think the trick is to focus on the ones you really really want and go hard for them. And, of course, if you get everything in one go then there is nothing left for subsequent purchases.
  18. Fortunately, I already have an 1869 sixpence (Die #12, trivial scuffing, lightly toned on obverse) which I bought in the Willis sale at Glendinnings in 1991. So, Eric, go for it.
  19. You will be fighting me for a few of them. 😘 I have identified 11 coins in the March sale that are of interest to me and four that are 'must haves'.
  20. Need a bit of help here. I'm trying to work out which ESC this penny is and not having much luck:
  21. jaggy

    Charles II Hammered Penny

    Thanks for that. So milled and not hammered. Bull has it listed as Maundy while Rayner simply says known as 'undated Maundy'. I was looking in the wrong place.
  22. I'm tracking several lots. So far, prices on them aren't ridiculous although what happens tomorrow remains to be seen.