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  1. Variants listed by LCGS
  2. divemaster


    The list is on LCGS website, are you a member?
  3. divemaster


    Oh I do the 1893 varieties too, there’s like 23 varieties and I have so far done 14, I sometimes think I should get a life lol 😆
  4. divemaster


    I can see your point because it’s down to variants in the horses maine and tail details etc.
  5. divemaster


    Who out there has, and actively collects 1951 crown varieties ? LCGS list 9 varieties, are there more than that? Will varieties just keep turning up because of die faults?
  6. divemaster


    Oh okay, sorry I have just realised from your text it is the 1937 Matt proof.
  7. divemaster


    What is the G6 crown? The matt proof from 1951 had "Five Shillings" on
  8. divemaster


    Interesting point, I was actually at that CGS meeting when this was discussed and prior to that other people have noted that there appears to be more 1932 and 1934 proofs surfacing than the other dates. Stewart is an exceptionally clued up and clever with crowns, proofs and variants, I just can't help thinking it's not as much as 100 proofs but more like up to 50 on those two dates. How one would find out the actual mintage figures (not estimates) l don't know. There will be many responses to this saying no they are early strikes and so on but to anyone who takes this seriously you can see the difference immediately.
  9. Why is it that some coins can be much rarer than others yet worth less, for instance 1933 penny (6-7) minted against the 1951 Matt proof crown (2 minted) .
  10. divemaster


    Its not proof and yes its a recent purchase from LCA. The condition is stunning! and I believe there are not very many of them at all.
  11. divemaster


    UIN 0037481 Coin Type CR.G6.1951.09 Origin Great Britain Description Crown George VI 1951 Variety Plain Edge, struck in error on unedged blank Standard References Davies 2020E Provenance Grade CGS 93 Population Level 1 out of 1 Finest Known
  12. divemaster

    Crown 1902 - Edward VII

    Really nice, so crisp and toned, beautiful
  13. divemaster

    Crown 1902 - Edward VII

    Had to Paulus, had never seen one for sale before, and probably never will !!