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  1. 45 minutes ago, Paddy said:

    I see @The Coinery last visited in 2017, so even if they are related to the auction house, they are unlikely to notice the comments here!


    I can barely believe it was that long ago I had to draw swords with an adversary! Wow, six years! I did fair take him in the joust and run him through with my sword!

    May the vanquished return so I might bid him well and wish him great merriment throughout this Christmas season!

    Compliments of the upcoming season to all! 

  2. 6 hours ago, Rob said:

    The BNJ drew a blank, so when I have time I'll have a quick look through the Circular Index to see if there's anything in vol.38, but all is currently stuck behind a 2 deep 2-3 foot stack of Leu, Baldwin's, St. James's and Glens catalogues!

    Thanks, Rob…beyond the call…

    I can’t imagine that amount of material will ever be amassed again, I hope it all stays together now you’ve put the legwork into acquiring it all!

  3. 13 minutes ago, Rob said:

    It could be connected to the fourth variety discovery or an example from an image. I thought it might have been a reference to the Cloncreen Bog hoard of 60 Elizabethan coins found in Co. Offaly in 1968, but there wasn't an Anchor in there (latest was Key), so I'm not sure yet.

    I guess the ink colour does suggest a connection with the variety?
    Many thanks, Rob, always appreciate your insights.

  4. 5 hours ago, Coinery said:

    Question 2)

    Another Comber ticket from a different coin. What do you think the references within the red oval means? Do you think the coin came from these sources, or is he just highlighting other examples he knows for comparison?





    Sorry to labour this, but at the top of the ticket where it says ‘77 B win,’ do you think the Roman numerals represent the £38 he paid? I haven’t seen enough of his tickets to know whether he’s done that before? All the other ones I have are much simpler, with much less detail.

  5. I’m guessing that all of Chris’ paperwork remains with his family, presumably having plenty of what we would call sensitive material connected with it, bank details, fees, charges, transfers, etc., quite likely too much for his family to go through and vet. Might even be easier to burn such stuff?

    I’d however love to read the background information and footnotes accompanying a couple of the numbers I currently have.

  6. 2 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Must be references to other coins because the earlier one was two and a half times the price of the other. Things got reduced and relisted if they didn't sell, but not that much.

    Thanks, Rob!

    Does anyone ever end up with all the paperwork from collections like these? All those pencil numbers must correlate with some probably extensive written records?

  7. 17 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Those two refer to listings in the Bulletin. The first was in the Sept. 1949 issue, item 9356 priced at 45/-, the second was in Dec. 1951 at. 17/6d

    Blimey, Rob, you actually have those bulletins? Truly phenomenal, and thank you so much for digging that out!

    So, are these references to ‘other’ coins, or connected to the actual coin itself?

  8. Something I’ve only just discovered if you use an iPhone…when you select your image, in the bottom left of the screen you’ll see an options button. Click on that and you get to choose a size to attach it at, with it also highlighting the Kbs at each size! Nice touch Apple!

  9. I’m part of an Elizabeth I group on FB, looking at interesting historical facts, articles, items, etc., and someone shared today (obviously) that this is the day that Elizabeth became queen, at the death of Mary, using this picture. 
    Does anyone know the origin, source, date of it? I haven’t got any further with the OP, and can’t seem to find it anywhere online!


  10. 3 minutes ago, blakeyboy said:

    Rob, I have no interest in hammered, but that really is stunning.  Stunning.  I had no idea that hammered strikes could be this good.

    So funny, I have just posted a near mirror comment in the gardening thread :D

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