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  1. Chingford thanks for the info on the book (£15 from Galata) should be worth checking out. I imagine this may be the book he was thinking off if its the only Crown publication you can think of although I wasn't just interested in proofs. 1887 Jubilee thanks for the link got me measuring the T's to the R's, although I scaled it down to a average of 5 measurements. As for what varieties I think exist I couldn't really say as I'm just looking for more information at the moment. Is it just the 1887 your interested in or all Jubilee heads?
  2. No worries azda after re-reading my post I see how it could be misunderstood.
  3. Azda its a case of my friend knowing that such a book exists but he can't remember the title hence me asking here. Peckris thanks for the pointer.
  4. Hello everyone its been a while since I've posted but was hoping I could get some pointers. In a nutshell I'm looking for a book that goes in to detail about the die pairings of Vicky jub head crowns. It may be worth mentioning I already have Davies and the ESC, a friend has mentioned there is a book that covers this subject but can't remember which book it is. Any ideas anyone?
  5. AJWcoins

    Spink 2012

    Hi everyone been a while I know but thought I'd add some info. I had a email this morning saying they were expecting the books today/tomorrow so will probably start sending them out on Monday. So fingers crossed they will start cropping up here and there the early part of next week.
  6. Interesting post. The 1601 pattern groat is stunning.
  7. Interesting but I have to agree with ski why show the bog lol.
  8. Not a problem Declan. do you know or indeed does anyone know if this error has been encountered before? I can't find anything about it except for there is a 1845 with the same error.
  9. Got this one today and it appears to be a unrecorded variety. I've seen the 1845 has this error which is noted in 'Collectors Coins GB' but this is the same error but on a 1844 crown. Here's some photo's:
  10. Just been chatting with a friend about grading/slabbing etc. and apparently the video game world is starting the same thing! Check this link! vggrader.com don't people like to play games any more!
  11. AJWcoins

    20 Franc gold coin 1814

    Thanks for that David very helpful will be adding cgb.fr to my favourites, good bit of history for the period too.
  12. AJWcoins

    20 Franc gold coin 1814

    Thanks for the tips Peter, I won't worry so much about the latest edition in that case.
  13. AJWcoins

    20 Franc gold coin 1814

    Yeah I must admit I'm quite fond of this one. Thanks for the suggestion Chris. I've seen the 1801-1900 for £22.68+ £2.80 delivery and the 1901-2000 for £28.84 + £2.80 delivery on amazon(need to confirm they're the latest editions) I'm guessing I won't find them cheaper elsewhere or will I?