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  1. can any one tell me the vaule of a use 1974 smint one cent its uncirculated
  2. peterrose4743

    coin toneing

    can some one reply dont no if my postings are workin thanks
  3. i read a bit about toned coin and choose to have a go at doing this my self so i put a 10p in dandruff shampoo, a 20p in bleach, a 5p in nail poish remover, a 10p in jack daniels and finally i put a 20p in a tub and blow smoke on it and left all of these for 6 days i was quite suprized when i went back and dried them all heres the results let me no what you think and i hear that toned coins are worth more then normal coins not that i would sell my coins and also is this called fake toneing the results are as follows dandruff shampoo- left a brownish toned all over coin bleach- left green circles on the coin nail poish remover- went a lovely shade of blue jack daniels- nothing apart from being a bit more shiney smoke- little brown dots but smelled bad the nail varish remover was by far the best i have been told if it is done with pure acitone it will be better so i am gona try that soon let me no what you think