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  1. Hi I have been offered these coins and would just like to cheekily ask anybody's opinions as to value and any info they can give me about them? I am sorry the pics are not very good but I have been offered the chance to view them properly if I wish Thanks in advance Simon
  2. Hi Peter There were some nice bits at the last coin sale See you at the next one The coins they put it in the general sales up until they started proper coin auctions used to be incredible-I filled my boots!! Now its all just tat and internet bidders paying daft prices for stuff they haven't looked at! Lovely stuff in the fine arts as well!
  3. Hi Peter Needham carboot this morning there are usually always good bits to be had there! Always a regular at Lacy Scotts nowadays, see you at the next coin auction in November?
  4. Thanks Rob. Paid peanuts for it and nice to find its a bit different Another interesting addition to the collection.
  5. Hi Great forum guys I haven't posted for ages but I am always checking in to read the topics Brought this from a local carboot and on closer examination it appears to be 2 over a smaller 2 on date? Checked the About Farthings site and can find no mention anyone seen one before? Sorry about pics-best I can do it is very clear looking through a loupe. obverse-
  6. si666

    Id required please!

    Yes I have just looked that up and you are right! Thankyou
  7. Hi would anybody happen to know what these are and which country they might originate from? The largest bronze/copper? ones are about the size of a modern 5p the smaller silver? and copper/bronze are smaller than a paracetemol. Thanks in advance
  8. si666

    engraved coins

    This is my nicest one the workmanship is amazing!
  9. The job i do involves travelling the length and breadth of the country installing,repairing,upgrading agricultural machinery. Recently on a farm in kent i serviced a fertiliser spreading machine and when finished waited to see it working,the farmer loaded it up with manure and then began chucking in huge amounts of what appeared to be shredded paper,on closer examination i couldnt believe what i was seeing!Take a look at the picture it is a tiny sample i grabbed from a pile that was easily 10 feet in height and at least that in width shredded £20 notes! The farmer was amused at how excited i got and went on to explain that the paper contains certain chemicals that are good for the soil when it rots down,he also said that sometimes he gets £50 notes as well! The term "cash crop" certainly rings true
  10. Hi Si Is that Woolpit or Risby boot fair? I tried Woolpit the other week and it was rubbish...not a coin in sight and talk about tat. Nice work on the coin. Hello Peter It was kennet actually! Woolpit can be very hit and miss but if your there early 6.30am! you can sometimes pick some really nice bits. I got that halfpenny in a box with some other really nice old coins,some of which i am going to post as i need help to id them. Anyone clued up on tokens? i have some of those that i am going to sell but know nothing about them