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  1. zond1975

    Henry Vi farting?

    Sorry for my "brocken" English :)) FARTHING!!!
  2. zond1975

    Henry Vi farting?

    hold this coin in my hands and it's looks like uncirculated,
  3. zond1975

    Henry Vi farting?

    Lot 734 Find similar lotsEstimate: 1500 GBP Price realized: 3200 GBP EmailPrint Plantagenet Coins Henry VI (First reign, 1422-1461), Annulet issue, Farthing, York, mm. cross pommee on obv. only, lis by neck, 0.29g/6h (Cook, SNC December 1998, p.428, this coin; Lessen, BNJ 1993, –; Withers A.1, this coin illustrated; Whitton –; N –; S 1852A). Good very fine with an excellent portrait; of the highest rarity and believed the only known specimen ?1,500-?2,000 +HENRIC.REX.ANGL CIVI/TAS/ EBO/ RACI - York mint --- Provenance: Purchased "several years ago" [i.e. early 1990s] in West Yorkshire; Glendining Auction, 28 July 1999, lot 89
  4. zond1975

    Henry Vi farting?

    Hello guys, who is a specialist, I'm mot sure if this coin isn't a fake.
  5. Just out of interest, what coin are you wearing Stuart? I've recently been wearing this: Mercury (though eveyone knows it's a she and She is Liberty) dimes are supposed to be lucky, Mecury being the god of chance. Leap year dates (which this one is, 1944, the last leap year of issue) are especially so, it's said. I also have one of those Johnson Matthey replica touchpieces. Though at the moment I'm actually wearing a brass snake buckle on a cord as a sort of amulet. Same Mercury One Dime been found last year on Dublin beach by myself with metal detector http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-80c3vqjEU (same place) I hope this coin been lost from WW2.
  6. I'm not selling, just want to know bit more information about it... By the way, how much this coin can cost? A sixpence in that condition with the hand mint mark .. £30 or so. Pierced .. £20 on a good day. But a unique curiosity? Hard to tell really. If you were fortunate to find the right buyer it could go for quite a bit more than what I've suggested, maybe several times. But finding a buyer will be tricky. How much did it cost you? It cost me 85 Euro and I hope it's not so bad for this example...
  7. I'm not selling, just want to know bit more information about it... By the way, how much this coin can cost?
  8. Thanks for reply. The edge is about 1 mm and no any marks on it and diameter about 24mm so this is sixpence, portraits are not a same (one of the bust is bigger )
  9. I bought this coin in a local antique shop in Dublin as Unknown item. I'm hammered coins collector by myself never seen something like this. never heard about same mistakes ... Just wondering if some one have any information.
  10. zond1975

    Interesting coin?

    Thank you !!! Will search in this direction.
  11. zond1975

    Interesting coin?

    Thanks a lot, PECKRIS!!! I am selling my collection on EBay and may be you have any ideas how march it can cost. May I use your answer in my description on EBay auction? Thanks again!!!