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    Coins... pretty ones with nice pictures... oh and broken or 'wrong' ones...
  1. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    If he's not genuine, it not exactly in the best taste! I'm not sure if the coin would corrode like that after a few days under water... coins have survived shipwrecks for significantly longer in much better condition!
  2. Cerbera100

    hobbit coins

    Hmm... angry white roses against a mass of all blacks... things could get a bit grey!
  3. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    He's been flagged on here before... the supposed aEF mint lustre Anne sixpence for £142.99 to be precise! This sort of thing makes my blood boil... I sold a few bits over the weekend - simply described and reasonably graded, and I struggled to get anything close to what they should be!
  4. Cerbera100

    12 sided coin

    It took you an hour to type that?!
  5. Cerbera100

    Michael Sharp

    Gunners tie? Check... Pint of real ale? Check... Fag? Check... Yep, that's Michael!
  6. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    And of course its a private listing, so you (well, us mere mortals) can't message the buyers... Azda - over to you son!
  7. Cerbera100

    Michael Sharp

    I had the pleasure of working with Michael at DNW for about 6-months as a sort of apprenticeship - I met him at CoinEx 2006 where we got chatting. He mentioned an opening at DNW for a post room boy, and I bit his hand off! He also hinted that he might be retiring, and as such they would be in need of a cataloguer... I figured that if I had my foot in the door (well, basement at least!), I might be in with a shot! Needless to say, he didn't retire (nor showed any signs that this was even a consideration) and the 10-12hours days (plus 90min each-way commute) seemed slightly pointless without that particular carrot to drag me out of bed in the morning. Handling and packaging the coins and medals was one (albeit fantastic) thing, but it was the attraction of the possible progression that drew me in! I sometimes regret not continuing there, but I don't think I'd have the life I have now if I hadn't. I particularly enjoyed many a chat with Michael about this, that and the other, discussing the Gooners latest performance and Michael regaling me with numerous tails of his myriad of experiences. Whether it was a lunchtime trip to various Mayfair pubs, sitting in the Viewing Room or courtyard at 16 Bolton Street with a coffee, slice of toast and lime marmalade and a fag (for Michael - one of those black things he used to enjoy so much!), conversation was always easy and enlightening, and despite my numerous ill-informed comments or dumb questions, he always took the time to explain things to me in a way that was straightforward and in no way condescending or patronising. I very much enjoyed those brief few months, and learnt more in that time than in all the rest of my years as a collector! Rest in peace Michael, you will not be forgotten.
  8. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    really?! personally, I'd say it was more like a dolphin diving right to left!
  9. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I stared at this for ages until I could work out the shape of the bird. Even so that's ridiculous!! I gave up after about ten seconds... are you sure your imagination wasn't just stopping you wasting more time?!
  10. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What do you reckon to this? From memory, all the known instances of this are in the Martini packs... so is the fact this this is a Heinz one worth the 400% uplift in price?!
  11. Cerbera100

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    +ve feedback left... 'it arrived safely'!
  12. lol! An on-topic post, and the thread dies! Umm... supposition - perhaps the Y is the the branch mint master, and the y is his helper?!
  13. Sorry, I couldn't let this one pass without adding my (1983 new pence!) 2p worth! Being comfortably in the lower 10 percentile (age-wise) of forum membership (Chris to verify!) and by 10years the youngest member of RCC, I got (and get) some mild-humoured flak from my peers about collecting coins... mention it to the average 16 year old these days, and its almost pity that I get! They are far to interesting in increasing their reciprocal carnal knowledge and narcotic intake to worry about anything else!(They still get 73 A*s at GSCE - but thats another thread!) Unfortunately, collecting anything other that notches on the bedpost and various chemical highs is not considered "cool" therefore there are no new collectors therefore the demand (at a lower level) is gradually drying up... With regard to the ridiculous priced that are achieved at auction and advertised on some dealers lists, my feeling is that to a large extent it is driven by auction to dealer to dealer to auction to auction to dealer sales... each added there 10 (or 15 or 20) percent mark up, and suddenly a £1000 coin is selling for nearly double that! Its an upward vicious circle, and when one of the components suddenly drops out, the market will collapse under its own weight, and one or two poor buggers will be left with a stock that is worth a quarter of what they paid for it. How some hammer prices are achieved, I'll never know - particularly when you add the now almost standard 25% premium! I give it 10yrs before I'll be able to pick up a 1746 Proof Crown for £2k!
  14. Indeed! Even only 12 years ago I slaved like a b*tch for two years to get my one A*, three As and some Bs and Cs (total 9 GCSEs)... so when I see kids on tele every august saying 'I got 73 A*s, but the exams are way harder than they used to be" I have to laugh! Oh, and mine were in proper subjects like chemistry and physics as opposed to david beckham studies and mucking out a horse!
  15. Cerbera100

    Pie Tax

    How true! Anyone who stands up in (euro) parliament and calls the sitting president a 'wet flannel' can represent me any time!