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  1. TomJJ

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    Literally all , I think as it’s a relatively cheap coin it’s not at the top of most dealers list .
  2. TomJJ

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    Yes I totally agree , sadly I’m genuinely struggling to find any BU 1938 … I’ve been searching for several years now , this is why I thought it would be simpler just to purchase a slabbed coin .
  3. TomJJ

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    Thank you gentlemen for your advice and help … I have a few options now again thanks you
  4. TomJJ

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    I’m hoping to source a very rare bird a LCGS 85 1938 Farthing I believe there is six in existence , but i maybe wrong ,
  5. TomJJ

    Can’t post in the “wanted” area

    Thank you sir . I will start posting
  6. Hello good folk This is my first post , I’ve attempted to leave a “Wanted” request but can’t , do I need a minimum post count Thanks in advance.