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  1. Could anyone help me figure out the mint/moneyer on this facing bust/short cross penny? I have been looking in North but can't find a match!
  2. Thankyou, really appreciate the identification! i've been collecting for 20 years but i'm still relatively inexperienced with Anglo Saxon!
  3. I have this 1873 penny in my collection. It has some unusual elements: Raised marks/lines either side of Victoria's neck on the obverse a raised line between the shield and lighthouse on the reverse Does anyone know what may cause these markings? I suspect it is possibly double struck or made from old dies but I am by no means certain. Would appreciate any input or opinions Thanks in advance
  4. Fantastic : ) thankyou very much!
  5. Can anyone help me to ID these two shortcross pennies?
  6. Hello ☺️ Can anyone help me identify these two shortcross pennies? i'm getting better at identification of the shortcross pennies but I can quite narrow these two down to a particular class/sub-class. Thanks