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  1. I think it will take some time for the economic impact to really show. I run an online hobby related sales business. The day after Borris announced the lockdown we broke our combined ebay and amazon sales figures. This was then repeated for the following five days successively. At that point we'd experienced a 400% sales rise in ebay and a 950% rise in Amazon sales. Then we rapidly ran out of stock some of which is imported from the Far East and right now we have no idea when the flights bringing that in will resume. Although some of those sales will be from bricks and mortar outlets closing, people are sat at home bored so are shopping online far more than ever. I watched the DNW auction also and saw the high prices. Something we can draw comparisons with very easily. Again, people are bored stuck at home. But it will take time to see how many of the businesses currently closed will survive with the results taking time to follow through. The next 6 to 12 months will really start to show the impact of COVID19 imho.
  2. Thanks for the feedback all. It's very interesting to read your comments. The coin arrived with me today along with the 1925 I posted on another thread. In the hand the '52 looked a lot shinier than in any of the photos posted by a surprising amount. Under a 30x loupe the cleaning marks are very apparent. So it's currently on its way back via RM special delivery. The dealer immediately refunded me so no issues with the service. I shall keep looking for nice examples.... Just out of interest I'd be interested to know what you guys would value that particular coin at though.
  3. MJ75

    Coin Community Forum - CCF

    Still down for me too.
  4. I concur. A very well known and respected dealer too!
  5. Thanks all for the replies. Those pictures are the dealers and not mine. I've just bought it, so it should be here tomorrow. Mine for £440 which I think is reasonable. Vickysilver your idea is certainly interesting but I think I'd want to practice on something a little less valuable first. I might buy a washer or two off ebay later!
  6. Some other pics of the same coin in a different light.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on this florin? I thought it was a real shame about the rim nic and black spots. What would you all value it at? Thanks in advance.
  8. Another coin I'm going to send to NGC is my 1888 Double Florin with an inverted I. I was thinking around MS 62 to 63 for this one. Am I right here? I note that NGC value double florins with inverted I's at the same value as those without. Here in the UK they're worth a fair bit more so if I ever do have to sell I'll probably not list it on a US auction site
  9. Here's my 1883. This is already slabbed by NGC the way I bought it and rated at 63. The only coin I've bought so far that I'm not really happy with and the one that taught me the importance of eye appeal over grade! Having had both under the loupe I think the 1860 is ever so slightly better so maybe a 64 grade is possible. Here's hoping! 😂
  10. l'd be very interested in reading that thread. Does anyone have a link please?
  11. My 1860 Gothic Florin that I acquired a few years ago. Sold to me as GEF / AUNC. I'm thinking of sending it to NGC for slabbing. I'm expecting a rating of around 63 or so. Am I about right?
  12. The one time I used commission bidding with London Coins all but one of my highest bids won. I've adopted a different approach ever since. Happy to post the auction house name as I still have my email with bids and invoice which would confirm!
  13. MJ75

    Literature for beginners

    Thanks again. I've ordered a copy of Davies from Rob.
  14. I spoke to Semra at London Coins a few days ago when I had to ask how you join LCGS as there is no link on the website! I chose not to join in the end but I did ask her if their next auction will go ahead. She said "yes it will".
  15. Can I trouble some of you for your thoughts on this Florin please? All opinions welcome. Not my picture.