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  1. I suspected that was the case, because the coin was very rare, or in unusually good condition,

     but I can't believe that something invented last week, that doesn't exist, is such a lure for people.

    How or why 'mining' happens is a mystery too.


    When it all collapses into a Malthusian nightmare, and people are jumping off tall buildings like they did 100 years ago,

    then I'll understand a little more.

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  2. Explain this to me please this, bitcoin people

     if, for example, you made £1K from buying and selling a bit coin,



    who has lost £1k?



  3. 18 hours ago, ozjohn said:

    Made the following measurements with my trusty vernier caliper gage:

    1888  29,24 mm.

    1887 29,24 mm.

    1912 29.25 mm.

    1945 28.30 mm.

    1927 RAM 28.56 mm.

    1924 28.55 mm.

    1895 28.35 mm.

    Just a small sample. 

    * gage or gauge I like US spelling it makes more sense like mold for mould. In any case much US English is older English.

    ..but then you lose the understanding of the etymology and derivation of a word which I think is a shame.

    Mr.Webster can take the blame for this- immigrants couldn't learn English quickly so they simplified it.

    At least in the US or the UK we don't have to explain to foreigners why we think windows are feminine.....


  4. 8 hours ago, Menger said:

    Calling a spade a spade is good - and that applies to each of the bad actors (individuals or institutions) in current conflicts.  

    Attributing aggression to “the Russians” as a people comes close to the same category error as the snippet at the beginning of this thread “but for her people being slow in thought and backward”.  In my view, the category error is between a people (the Chinese, the Russians) and the culture and historical system (imperial).  

    Perhaps I am splitting hairs in this instance, but the mantra I often resort to is “culture matters, race not at all”.  There is an unfortunate reversion in our current culture of identity politics to invert that - to assume that one culture is no better or worse than any other; and that somehow race is important.  The reversion is back to the imperial mindset of the snippet. Woke mindset is an intellectual and moral cultural regression.  We as a people can do better than that. 

    Zionism versus Judaism.....

  5. 22 hours ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Oh yes, though I haven't read any for years. My favourite was the guy who fitted a very large powerful rocket to the top of his car. Yes, it achieved incredible speed though a sandstone bluff brought EVERYTHING to a sudden end.

    I thought 'Sandstone Bluff' was a card game......or maybe Donald Fagan's second album.....

  6. Yes i know it's old hat and worthless, but I don't have a reasonable camera, and I've just  inherited a GF2, with a 14mm lens and a 14-42 lens.

    I'm hoping, because I think I can turn everything off, that I can do par focal down-the-eypeice shots with a telescope- my crappy auto camera

    takes pictures of the telescope....:-)


    I would like to try taking pictures of coins with the GF2, but the only macro lenses I can see seem very expensive- is there a simple screw- in lens

    available to fit on one of the two lenses I have?

  7. On 2/29/2024 at 4:01 PM, SilverAge3 said:

    It's bc they got the UC designation, in addition to being very choice gem. I haven't looked at census reports for that specifically, but imagine it's quite uncommon. I'm not all that surprised, tbh. Prices on such are showing no sign of slowing or reversing.

    edit: so i looked up the penny census on ngc, there's only a single pr67uc, only other uc designation is several grades down at 64. It's no surprise people fought over that. I'm guessing the halfpenny and farthing are similar, and pcgs likely also has few, if any deep cam.  I have a pr66cam penny, which is still among the better of graded examples, I'm content with it, certainly not able to go to war for that one sold on heritage, lol, and even the 67 cams likely would be hefty prices i could spend on getting pennies i'm missing.


    It's all so  moronic and designed for rich gullible twats with more money than sense.

    The giveaway for me, and a main indication of why I won't take notice of this crap is that in  the 1952 penny row it has a 'shop now' button.

    as if you can find one on Ebay!!!  The morons who run this site can't see that this is just really sloppy....

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  8. I've been trying to sell a pile of stamps I inherited, and the prices on rare stuff are strong, but the average stuff is worth nothing,

    Are coins going that way, where anything not top quality or very rare will slump in value, since the rich boys aren't interested?

    Here is an example:  A pile of old Australian stamps that I would have been _so_ pleased to have been given when I collected as a child.

    Low quality pics but it gives you an idea of age - lots of old Victorian States stamps in there too.

    Have a guess what they fetched:




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  9. On 2/1/2024 at 9:59 AM, richtips86 said:

    The Royal Mint has now released the mintages for the strike your own coins for 2019, which means we aren’t far from 2020 figures.

    Make what you will of it of regarding the politics, design of the coin, business model of the Mint, but there are two strike your owns for the Brexit 50p. Those done for two weeks in February and one for 31/01/20 - random Friday not in school holidays.

    The Harry and Meghan wedding coin (for one day only) had a mintage of 508 whilst the Snowman 50p had a mintage of 700 and ran throughout December! Both attract decent sale prices on the Bay!

    I’m guessing when the Brexit 50p mintage figure is announced we’ll have similarly pretty low figures! You can currently pick them up for between £15 and £25.


    Am I on drugs?

    I cannot make any sense of this - have I had a stroke? Harry and Meghan coins?

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