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  1. What else did you expect to see out of the window? The hanging gardens of Babylon, perhaps.... Well, I'm sorry that Krakatoa isn't erupting at the moment.....
  2. blakeyboy

    1862 penny with 6/6

    Email the picture to yourself. Before you send, select the file size you want. Done!
  3. Absolutely. _My_ gardening year is over by April/May- I then hand over the reins to my plants and stand well back. October and November are my planning and re-potting months. I re-pot before putting plants away for the winter. One tip I discovered- when re-potting a tall plant with a single stem/trunk, re-pot it off-centre. Then, in a tiny green house, you can turn the pot and it moves the position of the plant to fit in better, or, you can leave the plant where it is, and turn the pot so it's not under your feet! Another trick is you now have a bigger single area of bare compost by the plant's stem, onto which you can stand another plant pot...cram 'em in!! Some plants don't mind going dormant, but some plants from sunny places, like aeoniums and agapanthus don't like a dark winter. Agapanthus flower stems become rare the next year, and aeonium schwarzkopf ( the black form ) goes green!. Aeoniums, also, only grow in the winter, so you don't let them dry out- you know you have it right when they start flowering... Cannas, too, hate being dry for the winter- always keep them slightly moist. Canna 'Shenandoah', the best pink flower you will ever see, likes bright light in storage, and the summer outside, but not too powerful a sun, since it hammers the blooms, BUT of all the cannas, this is the one that needs heat. Lots of it. It's the one canna that's the easiest to lose if it's cold and too wet. If you have room to overwinter plants, and you have a shady garden, but want a tropical show, get a Brazilian Plume Flower. Just hack it back each autumn when you bring it in. The cuttings root really easily, so you will have a good display the next year! The main thing with a lot of plants from hot places, is to check whether, where they are from, like in deserts, there are some frosts, but never when it's wet.......:-) I
  4. blakeyboy

    Elizabeth I Maundy Coinage

    Rob, I have no interest in hammered, but that really is stunning. Stunning. I had no idea that hammered strikes could be this good.
  5. The echiums have self-seeded like mad this year, so they are now wrapped up, with heated aluminium rods in the pots, that I switch on if there is going to be a deep frost. Hopefully, next year the bees will be so happy!
  6. The the musa basjoo enjoys it's last sun this season, before the leaves come off, and the straw cage is built, and the stems are protected.
  7. Then I put up the heavy tarp and that's everything in for the winter.
  8. Then I drag under the small potted musa basjoo, and add small pots of ecballium elaterium (skirting cucumber).
  9. Next up is the skinny jacaranda, and Queen Victoria's favourite canna 'Shenandoah'.
  10. Then I add the lemon/lime cross 'La Valette', which is _the_ variety for gins and tonic!
  11. I've just done my 'Before the frosts come' packaway. I have a small covered patio area- I take out the table and chairs and put up my metal winter staging. Then I add the cycad, the agaves, a agapanthus, and a cestrum nocturnum (queen of the night).
  12. I cannot tell a lie...
  13. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    How has this had a '5' replaced by a '4' anyway? Have they ground out the 5, and floated a 4 into place? Then glued? Soldered?
  14. blakeyboy

    Rookie Penny question!

    Ah yes, but lustre and patina takes decades, even centuries, to develop, and can't be faked. When lost by polishing, that's gone forever. Also, polishing works by removing very fine marks, and these fine marks are called 'detail' and 'history', and a coin with more detail is always sought.
  15. blakeyboy

    English King Coin Discovery

    ...have I told you how sheep's bladders may be used to prevent earthquakes?....
  16. blakeyboy

    English King Coin Discovery

    ...but apparently he didn't have s**t all over him.....so he's a King.....
  17. blakeyboy

    NGC grading OMFG!!!

    They got 'Hammered' right, which of course happened recently, judging by the picture....
  18. "Where's my briefcase?"
  19. No- wrong variety- this is Musa Basjoo- root hardy.
  20. This summer was not a patch on last year, but seemed wetter. My banana flowered this year, a full month earlier than last year, almost like what it needed was warm and wet, not hot and dry!
  21. I'm not the most left wing of blokes, but this is fun. If they scrap the Mancunian section, and don't link properly in London, they'll look like twats. If they say it's all going ahead and it turns out all the doubt was a big Conference Setup, they'll look like twats.
  22. 'leader' not 'fader'. Mind you....
  23. It's barely credible- the woman with the least self-awareness on the planet, and fader of the Dunning-Kruger party, turned up at the conference, and did a 'speech', with people cramming in to witness the almost Victorian sideshow...
  24. Incidentally, Algernon's wife was the first to get that nasty hospital bug, so they named it 'Mrs.A' after her....
  25. blakeyboy

    Spon Gate

    Have I missed the reason why Spon Gate is being brought up? (The Goons had 'spon' as being 'a grey-green metal, mined in agony by the inhabitants of the Urals' ...if I remember correctly...)