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    Singer 201's, vinyl records, air rifles, photography, the natural world, traditional crafts, bushcraft & prepping, online gaming, literature, trudging through cow pats and my family...in THAT order.

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  1. ThePrepper


    and rounding up todays religious coins collection, all with presentation boxes etc we have.....
  2. ThePrepper


    hi bag....kool ta....yup, though not my thing they are rather handsome i admit....got quite a few spares so i might do that....just surprised at how little info i've been able to find concerning them... regards! p
  3. ThePrepper


    aha....just found this.... http://museums.bristol.gov.uk/narratives.php?irn=3506 http://museums.bristol.gov.uk/details.php?irn=89249 and just remembered i have these too...and have found similar on ebay....
  4. Hi....ok i've had a break in the chaos and have been back at the collection....having had enough of sorting the shilling and sixpences in the last coupla days i started having a look through the foreign/other stuff..... theres some very noble-looking church/cathedral/castle/palace thingys you could maybe help me with and i've most of the ones pictured in duplicate...i've done a bit of research but cant find much....google/wikipedia/ebay..... so....theyre maybe circa 1977 birmingham mint?.....medallions? commemorative coins? whats the term lol? the gold ones are gold plated....but does anyone know if the silver ones are solid and the percentage? and how many were in a full set? are these meant to be proofencapsulated and in boxes etc?? theyre coming in at 39mm/28.5g & 45mm/33.5g. as i mentioned in the main thread Uncle Iggy was a religious man so i'd like to more about them....oh and the 'pope medals' there....are they issued/sold/minted in vatican city? vatican city currency? thankyou!!!
  5. hey....plenty of reason for you to fly off the handle mate....its kool. yup my uncle jerry....i'll miss having a guinness with him.....as for uncle iggy who those coins came from he too died in an accident years before i met the family...a very tragic one back when my missus angela was a young'un....a large family camping trip in several cars...at night returning home one car developed a problem so they all pulled over in a lay-by....angela, her sis and two brothers stayed in their car....uncle iggy and angelas dad got out to examine the problem car and all of a sudden iggy was gone.. with the engines running and the darkness no-one saw the incident happen but a passing car hit (and ran) him so hard he was in a ditch some distance away....i wont go into the gory details but obviously total panic ensued and angela remembers looking out her car window and seeing signs of where her uncle HAD been....he was in his prime too. as you and mike have aptly said...s**** and b******.....especially hard when you hear it happening to 21 year old kids so my heart goes out to you, being a father of two incredible sons myself. on the radio the other day i choked up listening to a mum talk about her twentysomething son who committed suicide over a 500 quid debt. its messed up. all very messed up. be strong and best wishes. x
  6. hi....lost my uncle a coupla weeks ago and been thinking about him every day....so i'm going to post my sincere sympathy here and a big hug to all! regards and respects! sonni
  7. ThePrepper

    Beginner Questions

    hi shane....i'm new to metal detecting myself...great hobby, hope youre enjoying it! i'm also fairly new to coin collecting too but even so i've got to tell you that its very unlikely those sort of 'coins' in that condition will be worth anything....from what i can see they are fairly modern and would have to be in mint condition to have any value.... however thats not to say that metal detecting can indeed turn up very collectable coins which appear in bad condition such as 'hammered' and roman....these are much older. i started out mainly watching two youtubers, addictedtobleeps and the man with the hat....go check out their vids to see what youre really after... and please keep posting up your finds....maybe best to start your own thread rather than sticking them here in ladyglitters thread though! lol keep going....youll find something sooner or later....and what detector do you use? regards prep
  8. ThePrepper

    Beginner Questions

    hiya lady....just been through this exact thing a coupla times myself in recent months....huge learning curve......the coin yearbook 2017 will help you get off the ground....and if youve got anything oldish best thing to do is get some pics on here for the dudes to help you with....that way youll also start to see the range of what youve got and become familiar with it....and for now, DO NOT CLEAN ANY IN ANY WAY!! regards p
  9. PPS....i'm dreading what peckris didnt say.....
  10. ThePrepper

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

  11. hi guys....sorry been real busy last few days getting ready for my biggest show of the year...20 hour days, hardly eaten, hands killin me and all thats fine i'm just pee'd off ive not had any time for coins lol.... while i'm here a quick thanks to Sir Perkins and Sir PWA....nuff luv! lol garrett.... Still amorous, and fond, and billing, like Philip and Mary on a shilling. HAHA! ok....carlos....i'm not a coin geek....i'm a budding coin geek....and i never intend to 'grow up'....not ever. declan....thankyou....i'll get more scanning done when i can and get some more on here...funnily enough i was watching a vid on youtube made by detectorist addictedtobleeps recently where he cleaned his hammereds with foil, spit and then RUBBING...and at the time i thought, that cant be good....your non-rubbing approach definitely seems more sensible, i'll give it a try very soon, ta again. hey mrbad....yup yup same story here....the vast majority are nowhere near as bad as your example....and its only really noticed when the coins are on the slant, then the green is more visible on the surfaces and edge too...a few are more affected and where appropriate (ie not rare/valuable) i've acetoned/budded and theyve come up lovely like yours....and as you said this is pvc damage not verdi. stuntman....as i mentioned in the thread-starter....i've read on many forums people say 'quick dip and then air dry' which to me seems total bollox....on a coin that bad the acetone doesnt dissolve it all, rather softens it....you will then need to swab/bud to get the gunge off....in fact youll need to use several buds....and 'asfarasiknow' so long as youre gentle then abrasion marks on a circulated coin are negligible, at least with my 18x loupe and perfect eyesight i cant see any harm anyway...and short immersion, no matter...''pure'' acetone is harmless to coins 'asfarasiknow'....you can leave coin in as long as you want 'asfarasiknow'...i use acetone not only in my work but also on vintage sewing machines and on metal its fine....just keep it away from lacquer, plastic, decals, paint etc etc... hi rob....again as i mentioned...there was only one (AMAZINGLY) coin really whacked by verdigris, a 1797 penny which is now in olive oil for 6 months as a test piece...will rub it every coupla weeks and change oil for duration....of course many of the coins have the odd spot here and there but nothing major and i have been practicing with success some of what i learned on here about getting spots off...'softened toothpick', gentle prying etc etc...also had some tips from sir pwa ta dude! i've just about finished isolating eah coin now after spending a good coupla hundred quid on capsules, flips, wallets, storage boxes and so on so verdigris spread will hopefully be no further issue for my babies....and after reading everywhere i go about verdicare i thought i'd see what thats all about too and my order arrived today...when i get a chance to try it i'll take pics as i've seen others on here have done before....its not cheap though huh? for a tiny lil' bottle.....we'll see. as for robs second post....this is why not a coin geek yet....because i have absolutely no idea what any of that means haha!! i'm proud to be the degenerate i am lol! hi coinery....ta for your input....as said though the main issue i've got is pva residue....like on the 1902 crown...had a good chat with pwa and sure i understand that the residue has already done its ''reacting'' by now therefore the philosophy of 'dont clean coins' is a good one but, being the newbie i am, i'm trying to find that middle ground and learn the boundaries....should only take me '40 years' but i guess thats a blink to the coin and itll be fine-ish till then. i understand that to some of you dudes a 1902 crown in less than unc condition is nothing remarkable and certainly affordable....as i'm sure you also understand there are many people/collectors on here that have very limited budgets and would love to own one in that condition....its not unc but it is very nice still (under that gunk is all his hair, beard etc)...now me and the coin, we're in the middle, not rich or poor, and its not unc nor worn....so after spending weeks and weeks becoming ever more confused and frustrated by the conflicting (and i've now learned often wrong) info on multiple forums across the world i then decided to start this thread after i was given this collection..... the 1902 is nice, has value, isnt mint and looks horrible...would it be harmed further by the stuff on it? would the stain end up in years to come adding to a real nice 'tone'...would i damage it if i acetoned and devalue....scratch, wear?...should i leave it alone?....and so on....and this extends across the many hundreds of coins i've got here....which to clean...which to leave? and to be honest, whilst ive certainly learned a lot in a short time and have a better 'eye' and understanding, more knowlege and experience, (and again mainly thankyou to PWA here) through my own experiments and tinkering and by listening to you guys and reading your posts/threads, i still dont know what the hell to do haha! some people believe that when youre in a 'situation' that action is the answer....others believe in doing nothing.... i've been collecting pennies for a while now and as pwa confirmed bronze/copper coins are perhaps the most troublesome and prone to probs....but most of this inheritance is silver....about 110 crowns....about the same in florins etc....the majority of which need 'a wash'...'a clean'....but i've still pretty much decided to do nothing for now.....which is tough because everything looks dull and lifeless...or has a black dirt circle on it like the 1905....or a stain like the 1902....the older copper halfpennies in the pics are so tacky from pvc they actually stick together....and leave your fingers sticky...SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME TO ACETONE THEM!!!! i did clean the date run of 50pence pieces, they were rather green....and i've done the lower value and 'less-unc' threepences (quite a few of the higher value/nice condition ones i left alone and with gritted teeth sealed them away in their yucky condition....feels sorta like having a nice hot bath then when you get out putting back on your dirty socks and undies....kinda wrong yeah?!)...am now working through sixpences....then theres shillings, farthings etc. for now all the crowns, halfcrowns and florins have been put in new capsules....being the higher value coins i'll come back to them when i'm a fully fledged geek and can hold a conversation with rob and understand the language he speaks lol! ok....i need 3 to 4 hours sleep before getting up to kill myselfagain...night! prep ps and just to annoy pwa a bit more i'm going to say thanks again and hopefully get a 'wind ya neck in!' haha!
  12. ThePrepper

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    just read back a few pages and am sitting here cracking up at the stuff you lot have said....though granted each time i've clicked on a link i've had a feeling of trepidation as i wait to see the dodgy gits ebay username in case i've bought from them....did about ten pages and so far its been 'phew' apart from maybe lukas mentioned above....lol you sell on ebay bagerap? p
  13. ThePrepper

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    yeah same here mick....i'm flapping too a bit....not sure whether i bought off him or not....i've certainly come across him on ebay but whether i bought???? it wouldnt have been anything major but i dont like what i've read above enough to feel a bit raw.....have checked my feedback but as i rarely leave it myself theres a good chance i didnt receive any.... but thanks for the heads up guys! prep