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'dipped Roman contemporary forgeries'

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 I recently acquired a verdi gris clad Antoninus, after cleaning of the verdi gris ...da da da... copper was revealed underneath, therefor it was clearly dipped, was this a common occurrence in roman times, or is my coin some kind of numismatic rarity? thanks guys, any suggestions...ps the coin weighs less than a denarius... 

I can not upload pics due to file size limits ...but there are clear signs of delamination under microscopy....

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Hi Steve,

You can reduce the pic size see Pickris' comment below:

I don't know about the coin myself but thought I would just help getting a picture up, would be nice to see :)



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Your coin is most likely to be an 'antoninianus', which was the equivalent of the silver denarius in later Roman Imperial times. Essentially it was a bronze coin that was just washed with silver, and nowadays turn up anywhere from fully silvered to just bronze or any stage between. 

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