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Found 3 results

  1. Mindie777

    Fake Crown or Not ?

    Hi Im a newbie ! Just love coins and been really interesting reading about all the different things on here. I treasure hunt (with persmission !!) and have always been interested in the history of coins. Anyway, cut a long story short - Rob, our son, went to university and couldnt believe how expensive everything was so started dabbling in ebay. I now go to auctions (great fun !) to buy small items to put on and sell to keep him in food ! It also love it - so win win.!! This coin was in a collection of 3ds silver and alot of other collectibles. Fabulous coin I must say, I wish I could find one of these out treasure hunting - what a thrill. This is when i came across this site. I was researching it and I went cold when I saw how many are forged !! OMG I just did not realise. Im one of those "too honest for my own good" type of person (hubby is always saying) and there is no way I could sell this knowing it was a forgery. The reason Im suspicious is that it only weighs 27 g. Now I know its a kitchen scales, but still it should be 28.3 ! Can anyone just have a quick look at it and tell me whether its ok or not ? I would be really grateful !! Thanks H
  2. Hello, Can anyone tell me what this coin is ? ive asked 100s of people including the local museum and know one knows what it is. Its got St George and the dragon on one side and Queen Victoria on the other, Dated c1887, measures about 1 cm. Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, just looking at this rather nice GVF - EF George ii Halfcrown and the only thing that's holding me back from purchasing is a metal 'fleck' on the obverse. Basically I've never heard of this kind of defect before and I am just wondering that, as a relatively new and inexperienced collector, should I go ahead and purchase or steer clear and stick to buying the best condition coins that I can afford? The defect is reflected in the price but I've bought coins with defects before and regretted it. Thanks, C44