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  1. Hi everyone! Hope you're all coping ok with this bloody Covid-19?? My skills are developing as I gradually move from coin hoarder to numismatist. Can any of you lovely people help me to confirm the identity of this 1840 Farthing please? I think it's - 1840-VA-1a/Ab - peck 1559 - Narrow date & stop after DEF Am I right? All the best, Weaver (wayne)
  2. Well done my friend 😎 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  3. I tell you what eh? 😂 I missed a trick there! 🤣 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  4. Bagerap beat me to it😂 Here's mine... It's really good for saving a coin if you drop it during inspection with minimal bounce! 😎 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  5. Holy Moley! I'm worried now 😬 These coin mats had better live up to your high standards! My one has just been posted via Royal Mail 2nd class, so hopefully I will receive it before you do and will either be in total SMUG mode or HIDE BEHIND THE BIKE SHEDS mode😆 No pressure😅 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  6. Well done my friend😎 Flipping 'eck I hope they're good after all this.😁 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  7. Funny isn't it? I didn't think I needed a coin inspection mat either until i watched this YouTube video where this guy sorts through loads of 50p's looking for collectable ones. Halfway through the video he gets excited because he finds a Commonwealth Games 50p and drops it, but the mat beneath his hands cushioned the fall. That made me think...I need one of those mats💡and the search began! All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  8. Man, I feel good 😃 Let's hope they are quality mats. £1.50 is a steal, but the seller states that they are bankrupt stock, so I think I have stumbled upon a bargain. Glad to have shared with you guys! All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  9. Nice one Mike😎 It feels good to have actually helped out with some useful info. I'm the one usually asking everyone else for advice😂 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  10. Just ordered this from E bay - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/NEW-INNOVATIONS-ANTI-SLIP-JEWELLERY-MAKING-MAT-SIZE-23cm-x-30cm/254579385914?hash=item3b461d263a:g:TggAAOSwsiBepDMN Might be useful for anyone who needs a small coin inspection table mat. Also nice background for coin photography too😎 All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  11. Interesting suggestion, but it might be a little bouncy.😆 I was thinking of something with fabric pile y'know? Velvet maybe? All the best, Weaver(wayne)
  12. Good morning everyone, Ok, so I was watching a YouTube video of someone sorting through their coin collection, and they had a really smart coin mat/pad in view beneath their hands. I could do with one of those, so can anyone recommend one please? Needs to be pretty small max 30cm x 30cm Any Ebay links would be hugely appreciated. Thanks to all, Weaver(wayne)
  13. Weaver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Man, I have got soooo much to learn because I didn't spot that as a fake at all. I knew that it wasn't in much of a collectible grade, but I never thought it would be a counterfeit or replica coin. I'm learning from you guys!😎 Cheers, Weaver (wayne)
  14. Weaver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    So it's 'clearly' a fake coin right?
  15. Weaver

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Forgive me, but can you list the problems with the coin listed on e bay please? I ask so I can add to my knowledge bank. I mean, I see several edge knocks and am I right that it's been harshly cleaned? Cheers, Weaver (wayne)