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    Coins of the Russian Empire 1700-1917 (video)

    Новая серия с английскими субтитрами: 1751 Россия Dime (10 копеек) монета https://youtu.be/xqGZ5V1HnZ4 1762 Россия 10 копеек монета https://youtu.be/DQBgw1V3x6A 1812 Россия 2 копейки СПБ, им, ЕМ, КМ https://youtu.be/QbOCqIjrGy8 1841 Россия 1 копейка ЕМ, СПМ, СМ https://youtu.be/0jcj3cAHQ-0 1860 Россия 3 копейки монета EM, BM https://youtu.be/-yFFDajS2OY 1886 Россия 1 рубль монета А.Г. https://youtu.be/A11b73WbfvY 1898 г. Россия 5 рублей монета AG https://youtu.be/2iuzksIc4Nc Наслаждайтесь просмотром! Подписаться на канал MonetosTV
  2. Hi everyone!Monetos TV in cooperation with Violity introduces for your consideration the channel about coins. More than 1000 video films will tell you about coins of the Russian Empire 1700-1917.Don’t miss! It will be interesting!The first series with English subtitles:Coin 1 kopeck of 1798 (EM, KM)In this video you will know about the “1 kopeck” coinage history in 1798. Mints, mintage, characteristics and variety, cost at the time of coinage and the current value, and many other things are under detailed consideration.https://youtu.be/FtmNDTFwCEk [URL=http://imageban.ru][/URL] Coin 5 kopeck of 1788 (EM, MM, CПМ, ТМ, КМ)In the video film you will learn about the “5 kopecks” coinage in 1788.The mints which struck the coin, mintage, characteristics, varieties, cost at the time of coinage and the current value, and many other things are under detailed consideration.https://youtu.be/XdBMakYDPZU [URL=http://imageban.ru][/URL] Enjoy watching!