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  1. A full set. Apologies for sloppy typing.
















































  2. 3 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    That looks good. Do you have a pic of the reverse as well?



    Here you are Mike.

    The difference in colour is due to light conditions. There's no difference 'in hand'.

    £175 delivered? A cast iron bargain.



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  3. Has anyone here seen one of these?

    We were at a friend's house the other day and, knowing I'm into coins,  he showed me this blue purse containing at full set of four 1901 maundy coins. It belonged to an aunt but no one knows how she came to own it/them. I've not seen a purse like this before but do know the coins would have originally been distributed in little drawstring bags.



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  4. On 1/21/2022 at 10:59 PM, 1949threepence said:

    This 1827 penny was in my opinion, one hell of a bloody bargain for whoever got it - not me I hasten to add, as I've already got one, but decided to keep an eye on it anyway, out of interest. If I'd known this one was coming along, I'd have hung on. Quite noticeable pitting in places, particularly on the obverse. But overall in very good condition and higher grade.

    Hope somebody on here got it.

    1827 penny

    Lovely for detail but clearly polished within an inch of its life. I bought this one on eBay a couple of years ago for £175 inc P&P. They're out there if you're willing to wait.



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  5. 'Stuff To Make Us Laugh' ? I know plenty of people who aren't laughing.



    Marina Hyde's on fire today too:


  6. On 12/28/2021 at 6:28 PM, Michael-Roo said:

    To clarify:

    List price was £98 plus p&p, but the seller was offering a seasonal 10% discount on all coins so my total, for a very nice good fine Gouby X, was £91. 

    And I still have the one I'd grade fine, also bought from eBay a couple of years ago, for £1.50 inc p&p. 

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