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  1. Does anyone happen to know what this silver proof was commemorating, and whether struck as part of a set please? Thanks
  2. alfnail

    Mungo Park

    Yes, it's beautiful 'in the Summertime when the weather is hot, you can stretch right up and touch the sky'. Was hoping to get a serious answer though guys!!
  3. Put a few more pennies on ebay last night, including the 1875 Cannon Ball discussed on this thread (pages 171/2), and a low grade 1875Hh with repaired legend (Gouby Page 70). Low grades, but maybe of interest to one or two members to fill a difficult gap:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/m.html?item=403295926834&hash=item5de64f7a32%3Ag%3AiBwAAOSwg1phkQDv&_ssn=alfnail&_sop=10
  4. Assumed people would look if interested Richard, £ not $!
  5. Interesting looking at the DNW auction on 1st December how little an 1863 Open 3 is now expected to fetch (Lot 298). I'm sure I have sold one no better than that for around £500, probably shortly after they were first discovered. Couple of nice Victorian Coppers on there, including an unusual 1846 with a dot!
  6. Properties of the jpeg images saved at the time of the eBay listings
  7. Me again Richard. Re. the 3 1843 DFF's sold at LC:- Lot 3115 is also the first coin from the 12 I have sent you pictures (which I numbered 1006). It was sold on ebay in December 2008, I bought it at LC in March 2016 and then sold it to a private buyer later that year. Lot 2624 is also the third coin from the 12 I have sent you pictures (which I numbered 1015). It was sold on ebay in March 2009. I have no additional information re. LCA Lot 1881 from 2014 Just wanted to prevent duplicate counting!
  8. Richard, In addition to the 1843 DFF's which I have emailed to you, which fell within my 2007 to 2012 study, I also bought this one on ebay in June 2017, sold again on ebay later that year.
  9. Have sent you folder of pictures; think may have been only 12 after trying to discount duplicates over the 5 years. Different sellers can have quite different pictures of same coin so it's always difficult to be 100% sure...see what you think.
  10. There were 15 x 1843 DFF's in my 5 year study (2007 to 2012) of all ebay Victorian Copper Penny listings Richard.
  11. Careful Mike, auction still open on that coin, you risk upsetting someone!
  12. Thanks Mike, was happy to sell you the 1843 DFF. I have never seen a DFF on REG no colon, and very much doubt that it exists. There is another 1843 REG colon die, which I think is just as worthy as the DFF as being recognised as a variety, and less common than the DFF.......it was probably just never seen by Bramah. This is the repaired REG colon, which imo is the most obvious colon repair in the entire young head penny series, pictured below for information.
  13. Methinks the 1843 would fetch a fair bit more than £40.
  14. In my opinion the F16 is worth far more than £14, so you have done very well I think.
  15. Yes, there are lots of different varieties, even for just 1860 alone; far too many to try to explain on the forum in one post. Suggest you either buy a book, or read Richards website....or both! Fyi this coin is a Freeman 16, which is actually one of the more difficult varieties in 1860, and even in an average grade is quite a nice buy. May I ask what you paid for it?
  16. Well spotted Pete. I think I even looked at that one and missed it.....losing my touch!!
  17. Thanks Richard, always glad to help. I have been looking through all my past sales of the 1854 Bramah 17a, and found that a couple seem to also have a very weak colon after REG. I only have digital microscope pictures of more recent sales, but attach a cropped old stock picture of what I think is my best example of a possible additional colon after REG. Perhaps members can check their own examples to see if they think may have dots in same location.
  18. Hi Mike, 'yes' the no colons was a bit disappointing, despite low grade I thought it would have fetched more. Agree with your thinking, never seen this 1854 reverse with one or two colons missing. As far as I can see there are no other particularly distinguishing features on this reverse which make it worthwhile looking for a 'pre die fill' example with colons still present. The G after REG is the only thing a bit unusual, always present, with that rectangular bit to the left of the bar . Here's my example:-
  19. Quite pleased to have picked this one up on ebay a couple of weeks ago.
  20. Nothing, they both get rid of Klingons
  21. What's the difference between the Star Ship Enterprise and a toilet roll?
  22. I put a few Victorian pennies on ebay yesterday evening. They are mainly low grade, but do include a number of rare types......so maybe something of interest for one or two members to fill a gap:- https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/alfnail/m.html?item=403234882871&hash=item5de2ac0537%3Ag%3AxxQAAOSwwXNharf~&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  23. Hi Jerry. That's why I put the ? after F32.....as I wasn't too sure either. I saw it whilst on holiday and wasn't able to blow up the picture properly to check type, picture is a little blurry anyway. Thought someone must have thought F32 because of final price, and I can now see that date numeral positions look right, here's date from my own example. Was wondering if a member could now confirm as it would be one of the best F32 examples.
  24. .....anyone bid on this one, F32? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/304157856034
  25. Ha, yes Indian coins were something else. The following list if coins were still all being produced in the time of George VI. Amazing to think that twelfth Annas were being minted, and there are 16 Annas to a Rupee.........the Rupee itself now worth slightly less than the UK new penny. 1/12 Anna 1/2 Pice = 1/8 Anna 1 Pice = 1/4 Anna 1/4 Anna 1/2 Anna 1 Anna 2 Annas = 1/8 Rupee 1/4 Rupee 1/2 Rupee 1 Rupee