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  1. alfnail

    1875 F79 Penny

    Here's my example Richard. Looking at my past records I see that over the years I have sold 6 of them, none as good as this though!
  2. Hey Jerry, if you want another project perhaps you can stitch this one back together and then re-engrave....now that we all know what a wizard you are with the needles!
  3. Anyone get this one at Stacks Bowers yesterday? MS64, but a few marks, not as good as the one Pete sold at Baldwins.
  4. more detailed picture of reverse
  5. I think Jerry has done an excellent job removing the verdigris. He has also started getting the coin more evenly toned, but is leaving with me to decide how far to take it. Any thoughts welcomed, thanks.
  6. Ha, you beat me to it Mike....should have checked!
  7. Can't be 100% sure but when blow up the picture of the one on ebay earlier I think there is that bit sticking out bottom right of the T of GRATIA which we have discussed on the forum before now.......and again typical of the 1859. There is also a die flaw on the ebay one from earlier; 4 beads from left hand side of numeral 1 and running from front of truncation to border tooth in a curved shape. I have just checked all my 1859's but cannot find a piece with same die flaw location.......but maybe another member can find on one of theirs.
  8. Reverse colon positions are clearly different locations on yours compared to the one on ebay earlier Gary. e.g. slanting opposite directions on FID : I see that the 1 on yours also has the protruding underneath numeral 1, top left, and bits sticking out of the 0 (zero), which is typical of an 1858 or 1859 (no w.w.) .....think yours is a 9 under.
  9. Picture is blurry Mike, but think good enough to be fairly confident it has been tooled. Also if had been authentic then would have expected a w.w........ which looks to be missing. That points the finger to a tooled 1858 or 1859 to me.
  10. No, I didn't buy it, but probably could have done as I saw it as soon as it came on, on an auction not BIN, Zooming in on the available pictures it did not look authentic to me, but I asked the seller for better date pictures anyway, and was considering bidding as a curiosity. It was then sold before receiving better date pictures from the seller. On the picture that was available (see below) I could NOT see w.w. , but could see what looked like metalwork around the circumference. This morning the seller has said the following:- I bought it in March 1992 for £20.00 from Seabys supposedly part of old man Seabys own collection
  11. What do you make of this, was on ebay earlier today?
  12. There is also an F14 from the 2009 Crocker sale which looks like it has a flaw right of ship, different to other F14's. Unfortunately that is the best image I retained, did anyone here buy it? Maybe a 5th F14 die!?
  13. But it's not the only F14 with those flaws Mike, check out this one form LCA June 2017.
  14. ....and which of the 3 reverses is this one?
  15. Hi Jerry, I think there are at least 3 different reverse dies for the F14, all with different, mutually exclusive, die flaws. Please refer to my 2015 post below. More Pennies - Page 29 - British Coin Related Discussions & Enquiries - British Coin Forum - Predecimal.com
  16. alfnail

    Grannie's old sayings

    "Bye, it's a rum do" and "hello stranger" when I hadn't been round recently.......front door always left open in those days! Probably preferred my grandad's though, two of his favourites:- "Just do the Maths lad" "That's right champion, the lad had a grand knock"...............generally when Yorkshire were beating Lancashire in the 1960's.....or anyone else for that matter!
  17. Thanks Pete, the coin will be winging it's way to Jerry in the next couple of days, he has kindly offered to give an expert opinion.
  18. Many thanks to everyone who has replied about my 1847. No one is telling me to just leave it 'as is', so I guess I will need to do something...........but not brave enough to have a go myself at the moment. The verdigris does look quite hard, so I don't think it will be an easy job to remove. I think in the first instance I may ask a TPG to advise, and perhaps provide me with a cost. Apart from the member who emailed me about that possibility does anyone else have any experience of passing to a TPG and getting good results with this type of thing? I'm thinking the coin must be worth spending a little bit if necessary just to get it done professionally by someone with experience, unless anyone here has had a bad experience which might put me off. Thanks again
  19. I have CP1847MJ, pictured below. It has pretty good detail, but does have the verdigris as can be seen. I keep coming back to the question of whether I should try to remove it / improve the coin if possible. As yet I haven't been brave enough to attempt anything myself; I have never tried verdigris removal before, and would first want to have practice attempts on less valuable similar pieces anyway. There's also a part of me saying leave it alone....but then I'm worried that the verdigris may develop. I would welcome views from members on this please, thanks.
  20. Thanks Martin, I'm thinking you are probably right.........let's see if any member claims to have a positively identifiable Cd
  21. Here is my own widest date, which I think is an undocumented BP 1889Ad (R + r). Extra leaf is definitely visible, also right for a 'd' date width suffix.
  22. Hi Pete, it looks as though your obverse probably has the extra leaf, making it Gouby Obverse R, and also looks like the 9 is wide enough to make it a BP 1889Ad. MG in his new pages has the widest 9 as only seen on Obverse S, i.e. BP 1889Cd. He has not documented a BP 1889Ad. Have you had opportunity to check the width accurately? I have just checked Richard's englishpennies and he has the widest date as Obverse R, but then called it a Cd. I think it needs to be either Ad (R + r) or Cd (S + r). Don't think the example is high enough grade to examine the important leaf area and decide which obverse type for sure anyway. Hoping this is making some sense as 2 bottles down today!
  23. alfnail

    Old Coin Monthly's still outstanding

    Was it an interesting 'penny' article Mike?
  24. Haven't seen many high grade F148's Mike, but a fair number of really low grade ones.
  25. I have a few 0.925 silver commemorative pieces, one or two of which have good detail but marks like the one on this picture. Has anyone any experience as to whether it is worth trying to improve such pieces please? i.e. removing marks, without degrading the detail.