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  1. Ok so idiot here had his catalog of coins on an excel spreadsheet with no backups, and the PC has now died I don’t plan on replacing the PC but rely on my ipad. Unfortunately from what i can see excel is a subscription service if you want to edit a document So what are the options?
  2. Ignore me i was looking up 1864 not 1964 😂
  3. Other than CGS own references i cant find it listed. Doesnt tie up with a freeman as farcas i can tell. Bugging me 😂
  4. Evening all just been sorting through my coins and came across this 1897 I purchased it from london coin auction years ago the obverse and reverse are offset to each othe by about 20 degrees is this common ? also what do they mean by 9.5 teeth cheers
  5. Flat and boring, no artistic measure to the design, close to being just functional
  6. Thats a stunning coin I don't have a F69 just a F73
  7. pies

    The right equipment for a novice

    Personally i would keep clear of those book wallet things These are cheap and good plus you can write details on the envelope https://www.amazon.co.uk/Lighthouse-coin-Holders-self-adhesive-25/dp/B005QIWSBK/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1537454928&sr=8-4&keywords=lighthouse+coin loop and scales seem ok be carefull putting coins on metal some cotton gloves could be usefull
  8. And the quality of the coins is shockingly poor, drab meaningless designs and poor quality control.So many flaws it's shameful
  9. The year might be common, but that grade is rarely common, nice coin
  10. pies

    Elizabeth 1st literature

    Cheers all ordered the soft back for now as i seem to destroy hard back books