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  1. REDD

    Useful Links (Consolidated)

    Counterfeit Decimals (& more) @ The Fake Pound Coin Database
  2. REDD

    403 forbidden?

    lol.. Thanks Chris.... You've obviously got some good heavy duty word filters on here !! haha
  3. REDD

    403 forbidden?

    as a bit of a follow-up to this... Is there any chance a mod/admin can add my web address to my profile and add the following to my signature too ?? Surprise surprise I get 403 Forbidden when I try and do it LOL vv---Sig---vv Webmaster of: The Fake Pound Coin Database
  4. REDD

    Magna Carta £2 (not in the BU sets)

    Also be on the lookout for a 'special' Magna Carta... Dated 2016 !! (It's FAKE) Two Pound Coins - The Fake Pound Coin Database
  5. Have a pound coin that's date doesn't match when it was supposed to be made ? It'll be a fake. Does the edge inscription look a bit dodgy ? It could be fake. Feels heavy ? Too Shiny ? Lacks detail ? It could be fake. There's also information on : The Fake Kew Gardens 50p, The Fake Undated 20p, The Fake Carded Olympic 50p's and a large selection of fake £2's (Including the 2016 Shakespeare Tragedy & the mysterious 2011 I LOVE U LANI coin) Plus a selection of old coins, from Greek/Roman right through to George V (Contemporary and modern) and a few non-uk coins too. www.TheFakePoundCoinDatabase.co.uk
  6. REDD

    403 forbidden?

    I found what I suspect was the reason behind my 403's (The F word in my sig) However, after speaking to Christopher directly, and my ip being unbanned, I was still getting the 'banned ip' messages Until I hit Ctrl & F5 together... even F5, refreshing and or closing then reopening the browser and clicking my favourite link didn't work... but holding Ctrl then pressing F5 clears the cache and forces a fresh load (Apparently)
  7. REDD

    403 forbidden?

    Sorry for seemingly ignoring you Nordle, but I went and got my ip temporarily blocked from the site for 'suspicious activity' ie signing in on 3 browsers within minutes trying to edit it... lol I click edit profile, the pop-up pops up, I do my edits, then click Save, and them get bounced to the following page. Interestingly I just tried on my iphone and got a pop-up which said "You are not allowed to edit this profile" Turned off all my plug-ins etc.
  8. REDD

    403 forbidden?

    I've been getting the same error every time I try and edit my profile :/ I thought it might have been down to a naffy 4g dongle but i'm back home on a stable fibre line and still getting it. It doesn't matter much at the moment but I'll need to change my website address soon (once I get some hosting) & won't be able to. Any help ?
  9. I did try this, and the image was decent(ish), but I couldn't fathom out how to straighten it out using PSP9. I sent the image to someone who should have been able to instantly recognise the coin type by the motto and he wasn't 100% sure, and as the project is a database for exactly that (for beginners as well as old-hats) it failed at that step I was hoping there was a quick trick to scanning it, although from research it's always quoted as being a faff... and with over 170 coins that need doing (and another 2-300 i'd like to do), looks like there's a long road ahead !! A contact of mine manages exceedingly good motto images, and he does exactly you suggested Coinery, he set up a jig with (I think) 12 rotation clicks, and takes a photograph of each 'segment' then stitches them together. Unfortunately for me, he has a decent camera and of course, the jig. He's also a very busy guy and a nightmare to get hold of never-mind get details or photos of his set-up. (PS I realise the subject matter of my images is not what this whole forum is about, but you guys are probably the only ones who would want to get good pics of the edge of coins, whereas the new breed [circulation collectors especially] don't need to bother in the slightest)
  10. I thought this would be as good a place as any to ask for any hints and or tips you guys have for getting a nice clean image or scan of the edge of a coin. I don't have a DLSR, just an iphone, flatbed scanner and a digi-scope. Ideally, as I have scanned the coin faces, I would like to scan the edge so the quality and look are the same., but I just can't get the speed and control of the coin right. The digi scope gives decent pics but the colour and gain is way off, and can't be configured or changed (It's just a cheapy) The iphone is what I've been using but its own colour balance etc messes with the colours etc sometimes. Any help greatly received
  11. Apart from a few date over-strikes, my pre-decimal error collection is very small. Luckily the main attraction is this... just wish it wasn't holed (Couldn't edit and can't delete the reply above, sorry)
  12. Apart from a few date over-strikes, my pre-decimal error collection is very small. Luckily the main attraction is this... just wish it wasn't holed
  13. DOH I already made it public once... clearly it didn't work All working now.
  14. Just wondered if anyone sees anything worthy of note among this lot of coins my gran has asked me to get valued. They're going on Tuesday to a local dealer, but anything rare/semi valuable I'd like to know beforehand. Can't even link to 6 pics in a post so will have to link to the album.... http://s830.photobucket.com/user/FAKEQUIDS/library/Moms%20Coins Thanks for any input