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  1. 7 hours ago, BritishHammeredCoins said:

    Hi all,

    Just thought I’d introduce myself I’m new on the forums got recommended by a friend PaulW, I’ve been browsing and lurking in the shadows and I thought I’d make a post.. 

    I mainly collect Charles I tower mints but has interest in any Hammered coin don’t mind Irish and Scottish also..

    I also run a Facebook group with close to 6000 members all buying selling and trading British coins.

    ill try and do my bit to contribute the best I can but I am also still learning.



    Welcome! Let's see your best bits!

  2. 2 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Wrong description - not plume over shield and Adams was 2005, not 2008.

    The obverse initial mark warranted a footnote in the Adams sale. TWW, who catalogued it, thought it might be tun over a vertical tun, but not tun over crown for either side. Bull catalogued it as Tun over Crown both sides. The complete absence of the cross normally seen on top of the crown does give rise to some reservations about this overmark.

    Quite right re the plume, sorry Rob - I had copied the description from another coin and hadn't sufficiently edited it.

    Re the overmark - yes it doesn't seem clear at all does it!


  3. I've been lucky enough to acquire 3 more Tower Mint halfcrowns from Maurice Bull's own collection.

    Here's the first of them (dealer's pics)


    Halfcrown Group III, type 3a1, plume over shield. mm tun (over crown) both sides (1636-38)

    Reverse legend reads CHIRSTO AVSPICE REGNO

    wt 14.52g

    S. 2773 N. 2209 Brooker 336 (this coin) Bull 284b/23E (this coin)


    Maurice Bull Collection 284b/32E

    John G Brooker Collection 336

    Colin Adams Collection Spink Auction 177, 1st December 2008, lot 108

    Mark Rasmussen List 6, 2004, Coin No. 158

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  4. Just landed, my new Group III type 3b example. It has some nice provenance, including:

    Ex Grant Francis collection, Glendinings 03/1920, Lot 138 (illustrated in G. Francis' paper 'Silver Coins of thee Tower Mint of Charles I, Chapter II, BNJ 1917)

    Ex. R.C. Lockett Collection, Lendinings 17/10/1961, Part V (English), Lot 4477 'very fine, rare'

    Ex Lord Rodney Smith of Marlow collection, purchase by Spink, 1969

    Ex J.G. Brooker collection,  SCBI Brooker 324 (this coin)


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  5. I've just acquired this (seller's pics) - I believe it to be S. 2764 1a2.

    It has wax on the reverse, presumably for cataloguing purposes back in the day - can anyone identify it as an example that may have appeared in a book/catalogue?

    Bit of a long shot perhaps, but thanks in advance!



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  6. 7 hours ago, JLS said:

    The other interesting fact I know about it is that the reverse design tells you where to get it redeemed ! Eaton's publishing house was based at the Cock and Swine, 74 Newgate Street, sadly long demolished. If you're interested in more about Eaton, there's a lot of academic literature which discusses his activities as his friends and clients were basically a who's-who of the radical political scene of 1790s London.

    Here's the front page of Eaton's edition of the Rights of Man, for reference, where he's "Citizen Daniel Isaac Eaton, Printer to the Supreme Majesty of the People". 

    So the printer was Eaton but the portrait is Thomas Paine?