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  1. Coinery

    Elizabeth Scallop Shilling

    A really good example of what I mean by balance and even wear in this £350 offering of the same coin from eBay. Even though some of the bust is better, I know which is the better coin by far!
  2. Coinery

    Elizabeth Scallop Shilling

    Just had another closer look…I can’t see any tooling myself? Where in particular do you mean? At £200 I did buy it with hearts in my eyes, so always easy to miss these things
  3. Coinery

    Elizabeth Scallop Shilling

    Yes, it’s just so well balanced, nothing more worn than the other, and enough of a bust (again even wear) for the grade that it makes a really pretty picture for me! Plus, as you say, the beginnings of a nice old tone
  4. Coinery

    Elizabeth Scallop Shilling

    Only just noticed ‘scallop’ in the title…either too much beer at the time or autocorrect, not sure which, maybe both
  5. Haven’t seen this in-hand, yet, but I’m expecting it to hold up pretty well. Bought from Eric Knowles of all people.
  6. Coinery


    An unbelievably great thing you and your family are undertaking…a huge inspiration to those of us who spend time moaning about our lot in life!
  7. Coinery

    Elizabeth Scallop Shilling

    Much MUCH better in-hand, on a huge flan…extremely happy! An absolute bargain at £200 delivered!
  8. What a great double act…absolutely brilliant!
  9. I’ve watched this over and over, shared it over and over…something special about this one, but can’t put my finger on it! It’s sexual, it’s natural, it has equality embedded in it…sounds like I’m a madman, but it has such a fun and healthy ‘feel’ about it! Clearly I can’t describe it, but a great moment…love it!
  10. Coinery

    DNW Hammered Prices

    I watched a number of the lots go out today and couldn’t believe the prices! I wanted lot 136, the Elizabeth sixpence, but that sold for over £450 with juice! I thought I’d get the halfpenny however to sell on - not a particularly nice flan OR coin really - but £167 for God’s sake!
  11. You could be waiting a long time for that answer I reckon!
  12. Apparently you just ‘remove [the] surface residue’ and, hey presto, everything’s amazing! Superb spot @oldcopper
  13. Coinery


    Phenomenal, Rob…HUGE respect 🙏
  14. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    May as well hang a rarity around your neck if you’re going to! I’ve always had an old E1 sixpence on leather cord around mine…lost 2 along the way though! I often think of the pool attendant in Greece who’ll likely have stumbled across one of them!
  15. Coinery

    DNW Hammered Prices

    Wow, what happened?
  16. Coinery

    DNW Hammered Prices

    Crazy prices…honestly, some of the shoddy Edward pennies I saw were silly money! Maybe everything was? Maybe just DNW?
  17. Coinery

    DNW Hammered Prices

  18. The 4 is much more up for debate in your example
  19. I’d have to go with some kind of 4 involvement myself. Is there any way of ruling out (or in) any of the theories by looking back over the dies with regards to that distinctive bead below the 5?
  20. Coinery


    Just got in from work…your post really moved me! 🙏
  21. I guess with a Victorian penny being worth around 50p today, it would make it worthwhile! I guess the better forgers would be concentrating on the silver or gold, leaving the lowly coppers to those whose life was transformed simply by their affording to buy bread? I don’t buy the mangled ‘genuine’ penny theory. I’m inclined to think that someone made up some cast dies and had a play. Just out of interest, and I couldn’t find any when searching the images, does that misaligned ‘I’ in Victoria exist as a variety?
  22. Coinery

    1807 Penny

    Gorgeous, real head-turner that!
  23. Someone practicing with homemade dies for forgery, possibly?