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  1. Coinery

    1696 William III Shilling error

    Well spotted, I didn’t check out the reverse!
  2. Coinery

    1696 William III Shilling error

    Hi CA, that’s basically just a jump in the die, causing a part of it to be double-struck. The A under V will be a bit of the W. If you look at the tops of the III’s you’ll see they’ve rotated too. Not rare or valuable, for me it makes it less desirable, though some out there rather like the miss-strikes. It’s actually not a bad little coin, keep enjoying it!
  3. Coinery

    Unusual Elizabeth I threepence

    Would really love to know about the soft close on CGS in my other post if you have any experience or insights?
  4. Coinery

    Unusual Elizabeth I threepence

    Ha ha, that really made me smile, brilliant! I’m so glad I asked 😊 Imagine at a coin club telling BCWs Chris Comber he was wrong about an Elizabeth three pence! That will make me chuckle ‘til Christmas and beyond! Thanks for that, Richard, have a great Christmas and a very happy new year! Best, Stuart
  5. Coinery

    Unusual Elizabeth I threepence

    Was just reading through a few old posts and stumbled across this one! Of course CC has since died, but did you ever get to show him your coin?
  6. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    However, extremely frustrating to watch it pass nonchalantly across the screen, leaving one helpless to do anything much about it! A bit like being on planet watch, only to watch helplessly as we screw that up too 🙁
  7. Coinery

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Shocking behaviour...check out both images! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/184720682573
  8. For those who have spent more time than I looking at these coins, what’s your thoughts on the level of contact marks for the grade? I realise these are chunky old coins that are seldom seen with good surfaces...However, are these ‘mechanical’ marks too much for you?
  9. In case anyone is interested? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284187934869
  10. Coinery

    ESC, Davies, Freeman, Rayner

    These books have now sold! Many thanks.
  11. Definitely different lettering for me, especially when compared against Nick’s example.
  12. Agreed re the 1892 3d, a really nice coin!
  13. So how would it be possible to distinguish between the pattern and the proof coin, with all devices being equal? Is that the main enquiry?
  14. Many thanks for this! I too carried out a similar exercise with the LC past sales’ list and, as you point out, the differences are spectacularly small for a phenomenal increase in final value. The way these coins wear and are struck is many, with the example I shared having a much better fringe and front hair band than many GEF examples, confusing the variables of strike, wear, and die condition, much more than usual. I think you’re right re eye-appeal in these middling to better grades, it’s the best guide in the end.
  15. @pokal02 & @VickySilver much appreciated! VS when you say takes it down to EF, I’m guessing that’s a typo for GEF?
  16. Thanks for the input, ‘Peck.’ The feel for grade overall appears to be around NEF...I wonder if it just shakes shy of that? I could of course be blinded by the light of some of the examples that have rocketed in auction the last couple of years, I’m not sure? What’s your thoughts?
  17. Coinery

    Elizabeth I BCW literature

    Available on eBay or PM me here https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284177682085
  18. Coinery

    Elizabeth I BCW literature

    A fuller description for any that should chance along: 3 key stone books for those interested in the gold and silver coinage of Elizabeth I - The Hammered Silver Coins Produced at the Tower Mint During the Reign of Elizabeth I by Brown Comber and Wilkinson. Great condition hardback with a small number of pencil annotations. - 1988 BNJ vol 58 with key article on the portrait punches used on Elizabeth I coinage by BCW + other major articles - superb condition. - 1989 BNJ vol 59 with key 29-page article on the gold coinage of Elizabeth I by BCW - superb condition. Images of the BNJ inner content is uploaded on the listing for those interested in the other main articles.
  19. It’s really interesting to hear you say this because I initially thought it could be too marked to be a great coin. Strange how your perception changes in the light of others’ opinions...I can’t see it at all now...maybe it’s all the ‘other’ crowns I’ve looked at in the previous 24hrs that’s done it, I really don’t know? Re the prices you suggest I think that’s true from all I’ve been seeing...I wonder if we’ll soon be seeing these and indeed all collectibles crashing in the aftermath of the long-term recovery from Covid-19? I’m sure that question has been put to the forum endlessly this past year?
  20. Thanks for the insights, John, much appreciated...especially to hear that it outperforms some of the HCs in similar grade, that’s really interesting.
  21. in case anyone here is interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/284178345697
  22. Coinery

    Hammered Coin Books North Withers Wren

    These are now sold...many thanks!