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  1. TomGoodheart

    Edward I ID Help

    No idea about classes Descartes, but both lovely looking coins. Particularly the first. Seller's pics look familiar too .. wonder where I've seen the like of those before?
  2. TomGoodheart

    Charles I shilling

    Yes. Spink 2802, Sharp H1/1 Privy mark Sun (10 Nov 1645-15 Feb 1647) Nice find!
  3. TomGoodheart

    Sad News

    Very sad news. I corresponded with Geoff a few times and always enjoyed our 'conversations'. Some of the coins he had .. well, pretty much all of the coins actually, were spectacular. And of the greatest provenance too. He really did buy the finest he could afford.
  4. TomGoodheart

    Charles I unite, opinion wanted

    Yes, seen on silver too. See the obverse of this shilling:
  5. TomGoodheart


    Version 1.0.0


    Sharp B1/1
  6. TomGoodheart

    Charles I unite, opinion wanted

    The lines you see on the obverse are die polishing. Basically the soft blank die is filed smooth before the design is struck into it. You can check because the lines appear to run continuously under the design. Value, I'm afraid hammered gold isn't my area. I'd grade the coin at gF - nVF Looks like a pleasant example (at least compared with comparable hammered silver coins such as shillings of the same period. But then those were circulated much more and less care seems to have been taken in their manufacture!) At auction somewhere between £1000-£1400 I'd guess, although I'm happy to be corrected on that! Of course, 'worth', ... well, you might say its worth is whatever someone is prepared to pay for it!
  7. TomGoodheart

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    To be honest, I kinda hope so. That sort of stupidity deserves a reward of some kind ....
  8. TomGoodheart

    Spink auction catalogue 88, 1991

    Catalog Star have it Jon. £10.40 + post
  9. TomGoodheart

    Total beginner coin collector

    Hi Barnzy. Welcome. While I agree, in the long run it's better from a resale (and more satisfying, I think, from an aesthetic) perspective in buying the best grades you can, there's also something to be said for handling a bit of history! So why not buy a cheap 'pocket' piece' you can carry about and show people and a few other better grade coins to start with? Coins were produced in huge numbers for the Jubilee (1887) and are generally inexpensive. Something like a half crown is fairly chunky to carry about and researching prices will give you a bit of a feel for coin grades. Jut remember, you can always post pictures or links here before buying and ask for people's opinions. It might save some mistakes, although it has to be said we all make them and it's part of the learning to collect process. The idea is to keep your mistakes cheap (or at least within budget!)
  10. TomGoodheart

    Very Old 1912 Penny

    To be honest Joanne, most coins that were just 'accumulated' (ie picked out of change years ago) aren't worth much at all. So many were produced that there are still examples of common years that are just as the day they were made and that's the condition collectors really want. Of course, without looking it's impossible to say for certain. But many people seem to find or inherit coins from relatives and unless they were in particularly good condition or actually purchased by a collector most don't have much value. I have boxes and boxes of coins my Dad collected from change and they are all pretty much worthless I'm sorry to say.
  11. TomGoodheart

    Henry III AU50

    AU50? Good grief. PCGS only gave this a VF30 grade. Which is largely why nowadays I go by eye appeal and tend to ignore other people's grading when buying.
  12. TomGoodheart


    HULETT Dr J Collector. Collection sold posthumously through DNW Sept 2017 and subsequently. Roughly octagonal cut paper. Neat hand. Ticket to the right is a Baldwin's ticket in the hand of Michael Sharp.
  13. TomGoodheart

    J Hulett

    Version 1.0.0


    J Hulett
  14. TomGoodheart


    MORRIS. A. Collector. Large collection of Charles I silver sold through the dealer Lloyd Bennett over several years. Characteristic white card with underlining in red ink. 31mm.
  15. TomGoodheart

    Alan Morris

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Alan Morris
  16. TomGoodheart


    LYALL. R. Collector of WI cut/ countermarked coins, Lancashire/Cheshire tokens and Charles I silver, particularly shillings by variety. Chas I collection sold through DNW Nov 2015, Mar 2016, Dec 2016. White, 32mm.
  17. TomGoodheart

    Bob Lyall

    Version 1.0.0


    Bob Lyall
  18. TomGoodheart


    Sharp. M. B. Collector of Charles I (primarily shillings) and subsequently worked at Baldwins (to whom he sold his collection) and then DNW. (I believe this is a Baldwins ticket in his hand. 807 was Michael's client number at Baldwins) Lined card. 34mm.
  19. TomGoodheart

    Michael Sharp

    Version 1.0.0


    Michael Sharp
  20. Sadly unless the original poster does it, I think it may be something only Chris can edit. My admin powers don't stretch to changing titles. It's possible I could move all posts to a new topic, but if it went wrong we could loose the entire thread. Something I'm not keen to risk I'm afraid.
  21. Good find Scott! I've certainly noticed with the Charles I shillings, some overmarks such as rose over plumes that used to be considered unusual, on closer inspection are commoner, if not the norm for some busts. Trouble is, although I dare say one or two people might aim to collect all the privy mark variations, you'd need increasingly deep pockets. And with the trend to collect by grade over variation, less people are going to be inclined to do a proper study based on their personal collection. Another reason that comparing notes on forums like this is of such value to collectors these days!
  22. At first glance it looks OK to me Declan. Weight should confirm it (around 2g) but nothing screams 'replica' to me.
  23. TomGoodheart

    Halfcrown and Penny LCA unsolds

    Personally, I'm just not seeing the coins I want, in the grades I want Rob. I rather assumed that anyone with nicer pieces was either holding on to them, or perhaps selling privately. More likely the former. Maybe we need another collection or two coming to the market, however when I consider Bob L's coins, or even Alan Morris', the proportion of coins I'd really like to own as opposed to the overall number, was still small. I guess that's the problem with a 'maturer' collection .. I'm on the hunt for either nicer coins or the scarcer ones. However whereas in the past it was finances (or lack or willingness to spend the necessary) that limited acquisitions, now it's simple lack of material. And of course, that fuels the problem. Until I can upgrade what I have, I don't wish to part with any of my coins. In fact, if possible and unlike previously, I would prefer to add further to the collection without necessarily disposing of existing coins. But that means I have little to sell, ... assuming there are even specialist collectors in my field any more to buy what I have to offer..