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  1. I'm sorry, I was busy and forgot to check the posting. I'm sorry I let everybody down. Thank you, Copper123, for stepping in and saving the situation!
  2. A few snaps of a wedding I did in a Worcestershire valley. Please add your pics of colour!
  3. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I've just started a thread 'lighting with colour etc' in the 'anything not coins area'.....
  4. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Coloured light is wonderful....this is a wedding I lit last year...
  5. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    My father had an old YashikaMat 66 that took good pictures inside the cathedral. I have very nice family memories from the'70s of staring at those wonderful windows. I do like the pic of the colours projected on the walls that Dave took. Reminds me of the colour projections in the Sagrada Familia I've seen ( and yet to visit).....
  6. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    What could possibly be 'disturbing' about this cover??? It's a nice use of pleasant images of a beautiful place. I have friends with stereos, on which they play music at social events and dinner parties and barbecues etc. None of the systems sound amazing, most are passable, a few are bad. This thread has given me an idea: What I'm going to do is to point out everything that I think is wrong with the sound I hear at friend's events, and tell them "Can I just point out I have 45 years experience in professional audio so I can say all this." I wonder how I'd look? Would I be offered a beer and a burger again? I put up with the sound quality - It helps the functions along and oils the wheels- my friends know my background, and know they can ask me for advice if they wish to improve their systems. I don't say a word about it, and all is well, I get drunk and stuff my face. If I were in a position to have 35 years experience in publishing, I would have said something like "Oh- nice one- I didn't know about the poetry book- if you are doing another, I'd love to help with the cover design, since that's rather what I do" etc etc.... Even me, weird crazy Blake, with his Aspergers, has realised that you don't shout: "Ooh look the King's got no clothes on" ...even though that may be correct..... instead, you either let it go, or look around the crowd, to see who _also_ looks shocked, and have a drink with them after the procession has gone past......
  7. blakeyboy

    Elizabeth Halfpenny, good or wrong?

    The shadow sharpness is a function of the distance from the light source and the angular size of the light source. A very small light source will cast as sharp a shadow as bright sunlight.....it doesn't have to be bright at all.... That shadow is the shape I expect, and the fact that it is the same when the coin is either way up shows me the coin isn't bent either.... The shadow's thickness would only be a concern if this coin is usually thin.
  8. Absolutely agree now that I've dived into the world of Hacker bloopers on You Tube. She's wonderful, and he's very quick. Well worth looking into.
  9. blakeyboy

    Coin Reverse Orientation

    I still have trouble with this. It's like someone got things muddled up years ago, and everyone since blindly followed. My problem goes like this: I realised many many years ago, medals can be lifted, but if you twist them, this will probably damage the pin or the cloth. So you mount a medal so that if you want to read the back, you lift it up, like an old-fashioned nurse's watch, not try to rip it off the wearer's jacket. I then found out the orientation labelling was the opposite of what made sense....!!!!!!!@ What?? Why? Medals have a horizontal 'hinge' at the top, intentionally. If they were to be twisted, they would hang from a single, rotatable point......
  10. ......I've really lost it this time. I realised that I'd had vehicles from the 1960's onwards, but never one from the '80's, so that's sorted. I last drove a Renault 4 when I drove the Open University one back from Lisbon in 1986, with a large geologist and a pile of rocks, and I couldn't believe how simple and capable this little car was..... I was a fan of Minis at the time, but the 4 was an eye-opener.
  11. What if? If humans realised there would be no human presence on Earth after the next 100 or so, what would they do? If the older members started to go crazy and just have wars and stuff, the younger lot would ask for their children to have a future on a planet that wasn't a polluted wreck, but would that last generation, when getting old, just stop caring about what the planet would be like in a 1000 years time? Which aspect of human nature would prevail in the end? Good or bad?
  12. blakeyboy

    Grading has gone to shit

    Yes..... 'Grading' , in my mind at least, refers to the ridiculous practice of paying people to tell you what you already knew, so you can sell to a twat who can't tell and won't believe the seller, and, as such, is an obnoxious word and should be removed or replaced. 🙂 All the other words are are fine with me.
  13. blakeyboy

    Grading has gone to shit

    Don't get it- that Churchill looks way over VF to me...BU if the photo is right...
  14. My wife bought a large camper van off our friends very cheaply when they bought a new one, and just loves it. I'd rent one cheaply out of season and you'll find out if it suits you very quickly! I mean a camper van, not a wife...
  15. It's all over the trade in vintage studio gear, to the point where I've had a client call me about a certain bit of kit, a 12 channel mixer that's up for sale at a dealer in London for £60k, and I was asked "is this guy on 'effing' drugs?" Answer? No, just greedy. I saw a bit of kit that isn't that rare, and usually sells for £4k, put on by a twat on a website for £7k, and when it didn't sell, put back on for £13k, and, just I was thinking this type of selling couldn't get more sad, I read the blurb accompanying this comedy listing, and it contained a made-up "quote" from _me_ about how great this bit of kit was!!! I pressed "Launch".... my God he got a rocket.........how desperate and arrogant.....this type of stuff is rampant..... ......have a look at the classic Ford market as well.....who in their right mind would pay £60k for a Capri????....
  16. Will somebody please remind me never to buy a coin from Atlas? I'm so worried that I might do so accidentally.... I hate all this crap - gouge gouge gouge.....
  17. I had a studio gear dealer on the phone from Ontario yesterday, and he is sick to the back teeth of this - he refers to such stuff as 'gouging' and it's becoming endemic in many fields of interest and commerce worldwide.
  18. Last year, despite all the climate change and pollution woes, I saw more dragonflies, hawkers, and damselflies than I can remember. Was this down to last year's weather? Or is this year going to be similar?
  19. Eurgh....came back from Brussels in early november. Tested negative...yeah right.... holy crap....I told Erica that I was going to sleep again ( 4 days by then without going downstairs) and if I felt even _slightly_ worse when I woke up she was going to be calling someone.... REALLY not funny...never had chest problems like that before. I'm slim and fit for my age, and it hit me real hard. Lost a mate last month- big time anti vaxer - overweight idiot and sure enough, yet another covid hospital bed and death.... Keep going Jerry!!
  20. blakeyboy


    Hmmm..yeah---I'm gambling-- just put out all my big tropical stuff, and took the straw cage off my Musa Basjoo clump. Last year was that very very dry April, which stuffed the woodland seed sowing I did...£70 worth of nothing....!
  21. ...is that a spele impedimers you have? oh folly...
  22. it's a green corrugated steel village hall in Worcestershire we've bought to live in......if we survive the madness! My favourite blue plaque says: "Dr. Heisenberg might have lived here."
  23. blakeyboy


    Oh....I used to know this......