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  1. I was monitoring my local Weatherunderground stations here in Milton keynes, and they all read 42˚ plus, but where not listed as the record, so they must be inaccurate, but if they are, then why do they post results?
  2. Why are they so restricted? Is it still covid-related?
  3. What? Only online like Ebay?
  4. Anyone tried to do this? We lost a clutch in London last week, and the voice recognition software couldn't make sense of our address, and it texted us, so we replied with the correct spelling, thus, on a dumb phone, cutting the call !!!! And round you go again..... I fired of a query to the RAC about a number to talk to a human, and I just got a reply that only hinted at a solution, and, hilariously and ironically, the letter proved their non- understanding of the situation by telling me I could always "use the RAC App" !!!!!!!! What a bunch of useless morons run most of this country's customer care. The respondent -always- has a foreign name- are they not even in the country?
  5. Couldn't get to the top spot because of bloody Joe Dolce....
  6. blakeyboy

    The Prisoner

    Mea culpa.
  7. blakeyboy

    The Prisoner

    Riishi and Liz chatting after the election?
  8. ......got carried away with the DJ 'feel' of "It's been up there as No.6 for a few weeks"...... ...maybe I should have gone with the Prisoner theme and claimed I was a free man...
  9. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Nor me- I passed on it since it's nowhere near as nice as my current example. Just kidding...:-(
  10. I once wrote to Jim to ask if he could fix it for me to be on 'It's a Knockout'. Seemed a good idea at the time....
  11. Just hold a convex lens over the camera lens. Job done.
  12. I know I'm going back on the thread, but I'm still thinking about this. Calling the problem behaviour 'sharp practice' is simply rolling over and accepting that you are being ripped off. It's just as 'sharp practice' as being mugged on the street..... If you use an auction company a lot, and you always win with your highest bid, why not leave bids as usual, but ask the auction office manager what odds they will give you on all your bids winning at the maximum? I wonder what amounts would then be the winners??? There must be a way of setting up a sting to catch suspect auction houses out..... ....there must be......
  13. .....this is in the 'Stuff to Make us Laugh' section, after all....:-)
  14. Wow...so often in the past it was all bronze pennies, then copper pennies ( Mike's excellent ones in particular) that made me appreciate the coins that other people collect, but this sort of silver is just lovely- if only I could afford to splurge on a bit of Gothic!
  15. blakeyboy

    New ID required

    I agree - just the word order threw everyone....shame. Mind you, "and were your from" was ignored....newbies scrutinised, regulars' mistakes disregarded? The normal human condition?
  16. Ok- this sent by a client in Ontario. I'm still laughing. Don't watch if you can't cope with swearing.... Bye Bye Boris - YouTube.webloc
  17. blakeyboy

    Is this error or bad designed?

    I'd say it was found in the road, after having been driven over many times, by the look of the damage...
  18. Oh right- now I've got to look at all my 1929's and 1861's again...more varieties very day!!
  19. I wonder if anyone on here can answer this question.. Have there been cheap digital cameras that have the ability to output video all the time, and have a wired remote input so, for example, with it on a telescope, or facing a bird table, I can check what it's seeing remotely, and take a picture remotely, and without any shake....? I don't want to get an expensive one and expose it to damage- I want to mess about with a cheap secondhand one....
  20. blakeyboy

    Digital camera question

    My phone runs on logs.
  21. blakeyboy

    Counterfeit Georgian Copper Coins R Coleman

    I didn't know Rob had a large library and sells books either.... ...that's useful info. Are the sales just on this forum, or does he have a website?
  22. blakeyboy

    Digital camera question

    ah...I'm trying not to use a laptop or smartphone as a remote, and I'm not bothered about the storage size- I just want the video to 'loop through' the camera into a remote monitor, so I can monitor continuously... Maybe I'll find that the first problem is stopping the camera going to sleep...