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  1. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    What you get when the good lady mistakes paint on your collar for lipstick?
  2. Diaconis

    Munich coin show

    😷 have a good one
  3. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    if that was my definition of “superb” then I could toss my collection in the bin
  4. That reminds me Years ago a lady friend was looking for an old Cliff Richard tune, “Two lips and seven kisses”. I remember her ringing around several local record shops to no avail. Then she rang a shop in the next village, “Do you have Two lips and seven kisses?” she asked. It all went rather quiet the other end for several seconds, then all of a sudden a male voice came back, “No love but i’ve got two balls and seven inches” Rather surprised, she asked “ is that a record?” to which he replied “ no love, it’s just above average” and hung up.
  5. Diaconis

    Charles I Halfcrown S. 2764 (?)

    Oliver Hoover has written a very interesting paper on the history of numismatic data transmission. Here's an excerpt that may be of interest with regard to Paulus' example. "Highlighting the various od Uniface and two-sided casts were also produced by cooling molten sulfur in moulds taken from coins. This process was popularized by the French numismatic marketing genius, Théodore-Edme Mionnet (1770-1842), when he sold sulfur casts to the general public at the price of 3 francs per two-sided cast. This initial offering in 1800 included 1,473 possible Greek and Roman reproductions, but by 1806, Mionnet had some 20,000 different pieces available for sale. Thanks to Mionnet, the creation and exchange of sulfur casts became a popular pastime among collectors in the early nineteenth century. Experiments were even carried out in order to colorize the final product. Although Mionnet’s casts were black, thanks to the inclusion of lead in the sulfur casting compound, red, yellow, and green casts could also be produced. Unfortunately, while the technology and materials for casting sulfur coins were certainly available to Renaissance collectors, it is unclear whether they were actually made already at the rebirth of European numismatic interest. The De re metallica of Agricola (Georg Bäuerlein), first printed in 1556, includes descriptions and woodcuts illustrating the casting of sulfur rods and bricks by miners." It would be interesting to analyse a sample of the compound on Paulus' coin to see if it contains sulphur or perhaps chlorides from PVC damage?
  6. I have a lady friend who always starts her sentences with “Hey, are you listening?” Sometimes she even says it twice, bless her.
  7. Diaconis

    Childhood excitement!

    Not quite a casein point, but i’ll wager some of those tits lactose because of the cold.
  8. Diaconis

    Childhood excitement!

    Talking of painful memories. I remember exploring the Abbey ruins at Lilleshall in the early 70’s with my dear old friend Teasdale who, for no apparent reason, decided that it would be interesting to experience first hand the sensation of peeing on an electrified fence. Seeing him thrown backwards holding his crotch in agony put me off trying it myself. So funny. That reminds me that i had a C-scope metal detector back then, very simple tool, only 2 knobs and it worked a treat. We found a rotted metal (?) box buried at depth and under a stone with what looked like medieval seals in it. They were wrapped in a rotted grungy leathery material as I recall and I thought I’d found the crown jewels. I often wonder what happened to them. I took them to school once for a project and they were unfortunately ‘mislaid’, never to be seen again.
  9. Diaconis

    1682 Sixpence

    Baldwins sold a 1682 in 2016 Auction Lot Date Start Hammer Auction 99 853 (« | ») 04.05.2016 280 GBP 400 GBP THE COLLECTION OF A CLASSICIST, BRITISH COINS, Charles II, Silver Sixpence, 1682, laureate and draped bust right, rev crowned cruciform emblematic shields, interlinked C’ s in angles, garter star at centre (ESC 1521 R2; Bull 578; S 3382). Good very fine, unevenly toned.
  10. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think Blakeyboy has earned the cigar with Christine Rodgers. There are several pictures of her on imdb.
  11. Diaconis

    UK Election

    Imagine that, the end of TPGC’s and their meaningless population reports....every cloud (or rock)😉
  12. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Some of his other offerings appear to exhibit artificial toning and, coincidentally, are unslabbed.
  13. Diaconis

    MS 63 ?

    Waring wearing a hat
  14. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Gloria Best (?)
  15. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Just found my glasses, silly me it’s Bernie Clifton and Oswald the ostrich, easy mistake.
  16. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I haven’t got my glasses on, is that second one Rod Hull and Emu?
  17. Diaconis

    More Pennies

    But you try and tell the young people today that... and they won't believe ya'.
  18. Diaconis

    Alan Hunt coins?

    Those Scottish miscreants Ben Doon & Phil McCavity are worth a mention.
  19. lovely coin with wonderful iridescent sunburst toning on reverse.
  20. Diaconis

    Alan Hunt coins?

    Some other infamous Hughs, messrs Jass, Jarce, Jorgon, or Jardon.
  21. Pure, non-PC, brilliance from the Python Gang. The tap-dancing bit in the middle just kills me every time.
  22. Diaconis

    Undeclared Hoard of Saxon coins

    There's a clear message. You can be the vilest person alive toward your fellow man but do NOT take liberties with the Property of the Crown (including your taxes, unless you earn so much that you don't have to pay any). Her Maj doesn't mess around...just look at gloomy Andrew these days.
  23. Diaconis

    Undeclared Hoard of Saxon coins

    Sadly, just not wise enough to appreciate, or even care about, the implications of their actions. Greedy philistines like that can quite easily cause a knee jerk reaction; calling for the introduction of regulation and licensing. Would that be a bad thing, aside from the practicalities of implementation ? Bit like a fishing license, I suppose. Judging by the amount of finds popping up here there and everywhere, there must be quite a little flock to fleece.