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  1. On 8/21/2023 at 5:40 PM, jelida said:

    Don’t you dare leave, Richard, you are one of the most important contributors here!

    I found this photo amusing as well, a gentle dig at the stereotypical inability of manhood to cope when the womenfolk are away. While I can only assume that there are other interpretations, I have certainly been disappointed at the nature of some responses and I think that we all carry a responsibility to be civil, I’m sure most would agree.


    100% agreed.

    Incidentally, where is Richard? Normally logs in several times a day. Last seen Aug 29.

  2. 9 hours ago, pies said:

    Only top one could be mine as i purchased it in 2014



    As Rob says, yours was the "PENNEY" spelling error, as opposed to the rare date. We found yours in this thread, but for whatever reason Richard couldn't properly load the reverse pic (scroll down to example 4 of the "PENNEY" errors) in his rarest pennies website.

    Does the date example with the bright blue background, belong to you?    

  3. On 8/30/2023 at 9:18 PM, Taikonaut said:

    Sad to see the business go without anyone taking over. The Peter Nichols name is a lucrative one. When they took over the business from Peter I seem to recall it was a three way ownership, Geoff, Shirley and a young man probably a son who was into motor bikes? This now leaves Rob Davis as probably the sole professional coin cabinet maker in the UK.


    I think that's probably correct. We do lack manual skill in tis country.

    Good job Rob is so good, and such a decent boke. 

  4. 1 hour ago, Peckris 2 said:

    Interesting analysis. I agree that the left have become 'Blairite', i.e. more representative of "big banks, corporations, professions (always teachers, but now also lawyers and doctors)", and that the right has become populist, if by that you mean 'Trumpite'.

    However that has little to do with 'cancel culture' which I believe is one of the many culture wars and therefore largely non-political. I'm mostly against it - fatuous and offensive positions should be exposed to view so they can be mocked, rather than cancelled. But I still am no wiser as to what 'woke' actually means.

    When in doubt look up

  5. 3 hours ago, Paddy said:

    Anything that undermines the resolve, strength and morale of your enemy is useful to your cause. If Russia decided to invade across Europe now, how many of our present population would actually volunteer to resist them? Compare that to the situation in the last 2 World wars.

    Putin is well aware that the British have been the most resolute in resisting tyranny in the past. By taking us out of the equation he makes his ambitions much easier to achieve.


    well yes, I take your point, but he must also know that only a tiny minority take wokeism seriously, nor does it ever affect more than a tiny minority. 

    If Putin did decide to attack across Europe he'd be annihilated. As for voluntereering, how many of the Russian population would want to take part in a suicide mission?

  6. On 8/25/2023 at 8:20 PM, Paddy said:

    Does anyone else think that the extremes of wokery that are undermining the Western world's entire ethos are also emanating from Russia? 

    It would be so easy for them to stoke the crazy ideas through social media and stand back to watch the ensuing chaos in glee.


    They could be. Or perhaps from the USA.

    I'm not convinced Putin has any interest in fanning the flames of wokery. 

  7. 3 minutes ago, alfnail said:

    Hi Mike, that coin has been sold twice before on ebay in the past 3 months, and by same seller..... previously for over £300 on both occasions. Just a word of warning if you actually bought it, that maybe it won't look so good 'in the hand'. I could be totally wrong, but did think strange that it has been returned twice already. 

    Thanks Ian - I didn't actually buy it, on the basis I've already got one just as good, if not better, for a lot more.

    Could conceivably be a fake.


  8. 56 minutes ago, Rob said:

    Does anyone know why the page buttons aren't working on any threads?

    Have we had a software change because I had a couple of random request asking if I would accept notifications? I blocked it because they come through automatically as far as I'm aware, or at least have up to now, so either gremlins or someone phishing. 

    My thread page buttons are working fine. Able to navigate between different pages on different threads, no problem at all. 

  9. On 8/10/2023 at 8:33 AM, secret santa said:

    John Jerrams did introduce a new set of identifying numbers (Satin number) in his Bun Penny book but they are very rarely referenced.

    Same with Gouby, but people get so used to Freeman numbers, that they just don't bother with anything else. 

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  10. On 8/9/2023 at 11:00 PM, secret santa said:

    You're right - Chris Perkins did once say that he was considering a total re-write which could involve updating/amending Freeman identifiers (F numbers) but without a "governing body" to adjudicate on such things, I think that the F numbers should be left unchanged.

    I've remembered now - that's why I bought the 2016 edition of Freeman - see if there were any "A's" legitimately added on to the new varieties nereast to original Freeman numbers, which weren't already there.

    If you remember, some auction houses were doing this, especially DNW, as if those number/letter combos already officially existed. but I discovered they didn't, so put the new book aside.     .  

  11. 1 hour ago, Master Jmd said:

    Apologies for the delay - did you have any luck finding this?

    There are a handful of catalogues uploaded in full on Archive.org. It's a long shot but I don't suppose you'd have any interest in uploading this there if it's now out of print? 😊

    Yes I did. It's in pretty much perfect condition as hardly ever used. So you can have it for £30 + postage.

    PM me your address, and I'll PM you my bank details. Even though not expensive I would still recommend next day tracked delivery. Let me know what you think.  

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  12. 2 hours ago, oldcopper said:

    Though DNW say on the web that it's been graded by NCG without specifying a grade, now I've received the hard catalogue (£25 - ouch!) that isn't in it.

    Some of the collection has been only recently slabbed (as they weren't bought as slabbed), but some of it is not slabbed, including some big items like the silver P.1086. And some coins have been removed from slabs. It seems quite random, and not dependant on date of purchase. It would be interesting to know why.

    Yes, it does seem random, as many of the coins aren't slabbed. Some were slabbed years ago and have already gone past the 10 year expiry date, and some have only just been done and have an expiry date of June 2033.I would think done at Noonan's behest after seeking Richardson's permission.

    Interesting that the now slabbed 1806/1805, is "top pop" - no doubt because it's the only example there.

    Might be worth making an enquiry about the KT3 in the sense of why no further expansion beyond the fact that it was slabbed by NGC. Is it now?  

  13. 6 hours ago, Sword said:

    Quite. Technology is almost second nature to the young. I have thought about putting cards on my phone so that I don't need to worry about carrying a wallet when exercising but just don't feel comfortable enough to do that in the end. A relative has suggested that I get a smart watch which can do a great number of things like paying and health management but I don't want trade my (vintage look) classic watch (which I am proud of) for a bit of plastic. 

    I imagine that cash transactions might not last beyond two more generations. 

    The more purchases that are made online, the less cash will be used.

    But if there is s High Street revival, then there will be a commensurate revival in the use of cash.

    Oh and don't forget that in some other countries cash is used more than here, and is protected in law. 

  14. 3 hours ago, oldcopper said:

    One of them went for £2,200 in the Spink Sept 2015 auction, that provenance mentioned in the catalogue, as part of a collection (Andy Scott?). Nice coin in that case, a bit mottled on the reverse, but unfortunately quite a few other coins in that collection were artificially toned. And even worse was in one that I bought, the colour was more like painted on rather than baked in (however they do it!), as even a light dab of a cotton glove to remove a bit of debris resulted in a light brown area of under-copper suddenly appearing amongst all that colour! 

    Unsurprisingly I was not happy, but rubbing that side on a carpet did make it look better if a little weird, and I sold it soon after. Then it reappeared in another dealer's tray at the LCF a few months later looking vastly "improved"! Poor coin.

    The KT3 gilt is interesting - fantastic looking coin. I saw it at St James auction 2014 preview, and this is the only time I had ever seen this, but the coin had been shrink-wrapped, or perhaps "vacuum packed" in a cellophane or clingfilm type plastic skin. I asked Mr Fenton about this and he airily said it was for protection. It only occurred to me afterwards to wonder how you would take it off.

    I presume it's not been slabbed still in its plastic skin,  though I notice DNW haven't mentioned the slabbing grade in their catalogue. "Unc details - clingfilmed" perhaps!?


    It astounds me that many dealers and sellers alike, have still not learned the adverse lessson of using plastic packaging for coins.....

    ....and that's just plastic envelopes. What you describe above sounds horrendously damaging.

    Anyway, thanks for the info. 

  15. Cash is actually increasing in popularity again. Hence there was a fuss at a supermarket recently where only one out of 4 ATM's was working. Customers were queuing.

    I think millions are realising what a huge loss it would be if cash disappeared. Not to mention many young people and those hard up, much prefer cash, as they can't overspend.

    Also - and I fall into this category - they resent being told what to do. 

    In the wake of the Nigel Farage debacle, it would seem that a large number of concerns are being de-banked because they deal in cash. Not sure whether they just get told "commercial reasons", or whether they are simply informed up front that from such and such a date, they can no longer pay their takings in cash, and must change in advance to keep their account.    

  16. 11 hours ago, Martinminerva said:

    Despite the awful photography of example 20, I'm convinced they're the same coin... Too many of the dings and scratches would seem to match up rather well - angle of lighting might account for why the deep dings on 21 seem much less deep and indistinct on 20. Plus of course the poor resolution and focus!

    Fairly moot point anyway, whether there are 20 or 21 recorded specimens (I'm sure there'll be a good few others out there as yet un-spotted), but the fact they appeared on Richard's site sequentially just alerted me to the potential of them being one and the same!



    I think it more probable than not, that you are correct. But not definitively so. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Kipster said:

    I just had a most peculiar conversation on the phone regarding the above. A lady saying her name was Shirley Watts just called me out of the blue, telling me that my coin cabinet order was ready, and if I could arrange for payment to be made. This all stems back to late March this year.

    Odd, as the last communication was me sending an email to whoever gave me the dodgy sounding bank details calling them a scammer. I explained what had happened with the request for the payment to a weird sounding bank account and she sounded surprised/concerned at the same time. I said that as the general consensus was that PN had retired, that this was just someone trying it on. The idea that he had retired and wasn't making any more didn't sit well with her.

    I have genuinely no idea what to do now. I have rung her back on the number that she called me on, and it goes to an automated phone answering service for a different company altogether. Also, the number she rang me on was the PN number, but it had +44 at the start, not the usual 0. That and the fact that I have already got a second hand one now kind of makes me feel like saying thanks, but not today, but then I don't want them to be £500 up the swannee if they are genuine.

    It's all weird.

    I'd say that if you never completed an order at the time, and no deposit was paid in advance of the completed work, then it's a scam. My understanding is that the people who took over the Peter Nichols product are based in Nottinghamshire. The fact you had a 44 at the start means that the call is coming from abroad, not in the UK.

    Ignore it.  

  18. 2 hours ago, Paddy said:

    Yes - same problem with mine. The binding at the spine could not cope with heavy use and I now have a bundle of loose pages in the middle. Sadly I can't part with it as it is probably my most used reference work.


    This is why hardback editions of any reference book are so much better. The binding stands up to long term continued use. 

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