Edward VIII (and his father) for just £1 ea!

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Anyone that has glanced at a history book for more than five minutes will probably be aware that in 1936 - upon the death of his father King George V - King Edward VIII eventually gave up his throne in order to go and live with an American who happened to have a rather odd name (at least, that's the reason made public at the time....not the odd name, but rather the fact that she was not of noble blood and a divorcee)! As a result of this short reign, the Royal Mint hadn't yet got their act together and coins issued featuring Edward VIII for use in the United Kingdom were only produced in very small numbers as trials. All are very rare and expensive.

Not the case in British West Africa (modern day Ghana, Sierra Leone, Nigeria and Gambia) where coins were issued in 1936 under the rule of George V and Edward VIII. The reason this happened quicker in the colonies is simple - the coins have a hole in the middle and do not feature a royal portrait that the king would have had to approve first.

On offer here are two British West Africa 'One Tenth of a Penny' coins. Each one is dated 1936, one was issued under Edward VIII, and the other under the rule of his father George V. Both coins are in at least AUNC condition and will have some original mint lustre. Essentially they are 'as new' but can have signs off mass production marks and the odd minor imperfection.

The 3 pictures show the obverse of the Edward VIII coin, the obverse of the George V coin and a singe reverse (as the reverses are identical). You will receive 2 coins, one from each king. A discount is offered when 5 or more pairs are purchased.

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