Buying Coins Online

Buying coins online (including auctions and on facebook groups) is a tricky business, you don't know the seller, they don't know you, often, you don't even know where they are.

There are so many people that try to sell coins on auction sites without even a picture (or with very bad pictures). I think it's probably best to avoid these coins unless you can afford to gamble and potentially lose your money or unless you have had dealings with the seller before.

However it sometimes isn't even easier with a decent picture. Many coins online are vastly over graded either by a greedy person or most likely by an inexperienced seller that hasn't yet developed that 'grading' eye that comes with years of collecting/dealing coins.

Please be careful when buying any coin from anyone online, everyone's human. If, however you do see a coin online that you quite fancy, let me know and I can give you my unbiased honest opinion on it.

If there is a coin you're not sure about, join the Forum, upload a picture of your intended purchase and get views from the other users and myself.

The coins for sale area on this site features many pictures and they are all very well graded.

Chris Perkins. 23rd Feb 2001. Updated December 2005 and 28th July 2015.