About Predecimal

Predecimal.com was founded and is run by me, Chris Perkins. I started a coin website in 1999 when I noticed the lack of British coins available online. The poorly designed few websites that did offer coins had very little stock and often with no pictures. From a collector's perpective I got annoyed with these sites and set about designing my own site at weekends and after work during the day (I used to work in London, for IT company www.bromcom.com). In fact, one of the first guises of the current site was created on my work laptop while I was sitting in a launderette in Sidcup, Kent!

After the odd name change over the years and the addition of lots of content, my coin site evolved into predecimal.com and I must admit I am quite proud of what it has become. Nowadays I also sell a small range of collecting accessories. Books too, play a major part in the Predecimal.com ethic, with my titles and books from other authors published through Coin Publications, which is also run by me. www.coinpublications.com is the separate publishing website.

I want to appeal to the masses, I want everyone to be able to enjoy coin collecting without the off-putting stuffiness that is found in a lot of very old fashioned numismatic circles. For that reason, the prices are as low as possible, the jargon is usually explained to the best of my ability and there really is something for every budget.

If there is anything that you want to comment on relating to predecimal.com or even just general coin collecting, please do visit the Contact page and drop me a line.