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1890 Penny Obverse Legend Difference

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11 hours ago, PWA 1967 said:

Before Bob tells you Mike should he wish to as its someone elses coin now :blink:

Be interested in what you think it sold for .........Have a guess :)

Not scrolled down fully to see Bob's reply yet. But I'd guess at £5k or thereabouts. 

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6 hours ago, RLC35 said:


Mike & Pete,

I can't tell you the exact amount, but it was well over $10,000 US$. I caused a lot of excitement on the Forum when I put a picture of it on the Thread. I was getting e-mails and calls from most of the well known penny guys in the UK. I purchased it from a High End Collector, in Florida, who had owned it for many years. I delivered it, in person, at Notting Hill, in London, since I was vacationing, at the time, in Great Britain. There are 5 or 6 of these Narrow Date known (actually) at this time, with some collectors having multiples.

This is a good test for Zooy, as the listed estimates for really rare coins, are somewhat low, in most cases, compared to actual sale prices. I wish I still had it! :rolleyes:

More than I anticipated, Bob. But I should already have known that such a coin with its attendant extreme rarity would command a very high price.    

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