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  1. Jack Smart

    Mis-Struck Henry III penny help

    Best I could conclude was Canterbury. Have any pictures you could post?
  2. Jack Smart

    Short Cross Penny Identification (MIs-Strike)

    Heres a link to a higher quality image. http://imgur.com/sN4jWpy
  3. I have this short cross penny which is in reasonable condition, but seems to have been hammered twice? It's really noticeable on the reverse, though the observe seems better. Anyway, I've been trying to decipher moneyer and mint for quite some time now and have not come to a solid conclusion. My best guess is it's Richard I? but I am really unsure. It seems to read SIHV on the top right of the reverse, but I can't attribute it to anything with the resources I have, though the closest could be the moneyer Simund. It also looks like it could say CANT at the bottom for Canterbury. This is as far as my current ability allows me to get, but I'm sure you guys will solve this in a breeze haha. I also have higher quality pictures if anyone wants a better look. Anyway, thanks is much for taking a look, and any feedback or help would be greatly appreciated! Cheers!
  4. Jack Smart

    Mis-Struck Henry III penny help

    Thank you everyone for all the help, really appreciate it! One of the sides was quite blurry, so I took new pictures. Here they are. Thanks again!
  5. Jack Smart

    Mis-Struck Henry III penny help

    If image isn't showing up, here's a link: http://prntscr.com/dq473q
  6. Recently I purchased this Henry III penny which had been double struck on both sides with an observe and reverse on each side. Not being very experienced with mis-strikes, I was hoping to get some general information on them. Is one from this time-period common? I've also been trying to decipher the mint and moneyer, and have had quite a lot of trouble due to overlay. I have determined the moneyer is Nicolas (NICOLE), but cannot work out the mint, as there were multiple Nicolas' from different mints. Lastly, if anyone else has any hammered mis-strikes, I would love it if you posted a picture here! Cheers