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  1. Yes, really. I would recommend Mark Goodman’s numismatic photography book if you are interested in the topic.
  2. The lighting source and angle of viewing/photography play a large role in how any coin appears either in a photograph or in hand. In my opinion the PCGS image emphasizes the color while the London Coin image muted the color significantly, which was also obscured by residue. All of the items we sell have a no-questions-asked return privilege. As far as pricing, we do not disclose our pricing methods. We dot sell any coins as investments, only as collectibles. On some items we take losses while on other items we expect to make profits. Sometimes we win items at auction for significantly less than we are prepared to pay for them. We encourage our clients to do their own independent price research. Simply as an example you may see another proof of this date here: Auction World Co., Ltd. > Auction 23 Auction date: 16 January 2021 Lot number: 3500 Price realized: 900,000 JPY (Approx. 8,665 USD / 7,165 EUR / 6,378 GBP / 7,712 CHF) Save this lot Jump to this lot in the auction Show similar lots Lot description: GREAT BRITAIN Victoria Victoria (1837-1901) / Penny 1859 / S-3948 KM-739 Young Head The number of existing young heads seems to be a little higher than 1856, but it is the rarest proof penny coin available. There is no doubt that it is an issue. ⓇⓇ / NGC-PF62BN Proof AU ~ UNC Starting Price: 200000 JPY
  3. The conservation services of PCGS and NGC (as well as ICG grading service and private dealerships) do not disclose their conservation methods and techniques. In addition none of the grading services disclose conservation status on their certificates. For this reason I would suggest simply returning items that are not to your liking in hand.
  4. Some coins benefit from conservation, but many do not. Any difference in hair sharpness is due to photography. Removing PVC residue and organic matter with a solvent can change the color of a coin's surface. Questions about PCGS' photo procedures and post-processing should be directed to them.
  5. This coin has been conserved to remove surface residue. The images are PCGS' images (unretouched).
  6. AtlasNumismatics

    More Pennies

    Dear All, PCGS has reviewed this piece and still believes it to be 5/4, although they haven't given any further reasoning. They have declined to modify the description on the insert so you will see it in the PCGS population report as such.
  7. AtlasNumismatics

    More Pennies

    Thank you very much @alfnail and everyone else for your useful comments. These die characteristics match perfectly and we will assume it is a degraded 5/5 punch and submit for reholder at PCGS.
  8. AtlasNumismatics

    More Pennies

    Hi Everyone, We just received this piece back from PCGS: https://www.pcgs.com/cert/40396601. We can't find the overdate listed anywhere and wanted to see if any specialists in British copper knew of such an overdate or if it might be a die flaw instead? I have attached close-ups of the date.
  9. AtlasNumismatics

    1860 Bronzed Proof Penny

    I forgot to add that we weighed the coin before submission to PCGS (11.16 grams).