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  1. mick1271

    Various rarer Freeman and Gouby varieties for sale...

    There is a few I am missing , but some I have (like the 7 over 7, 2mm and bisecting 8).I will keep an eye on it, and the very least bid it up a bit lol.
  2. mick1271

    2021 Unc set mystery

    I have seen that the packaging error on the sets is a spelling mistake .Televison instead of television for the Logie Baird coin .
  3. I had noticed that , but put it down to wear as it has been through the wars a bit.Interesting to know that it is a known anomaly .It was worse than that , but some acetone took the worse of the gunk off .
  4. Not quite an acquisition of the week , but another one that was in the bulk lot that threw up the F28 earlier in the year . 1831 W.W Penny .Not the prettiest (especially the reverse) ,but it fills a gap, that would probably have never been filled .
  5. mick1271

    2021 Unc set mystery

    I didn't know they were issuing one with the 1969 obverse. I bought a Bunc one because of the design and theme . Not the sort of thing I normally go for , but I do hang onto any commemorative coins I get in my change (few and far between nowadays)
  6. mick1271

    1818 George III halfcrown

    There is a lot of 1818 fakes .They are good ,but they all have a couple of things in common .A broken garter belt at PENSE and a dink on the forehead . Yours have neither , so looks alright .
  7. mick1271

    1837 and 1845 pennies

    I saw that one .Yeh ,it is a bit more than I would be willing to pay .There is a low grade one in a mixed lot , but ,I don't fancy bidding on a lot just for one coin that might be lower grade than I would be happy with . I will get them eventually (in a grade and price I am happy with) ,might just take a while .
  8. mick1271

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I know nothing about these sort of things , but apart from it being highly overpriced , it also looks like a really poor fake .
  9. While I was on . A wee bit of de-lamination on this one .
  10. I saw that one .Put a bid of a couple of quid on it just so I could get a closer look (if I won it) .
  11. I had a 1974 or possibly 75 proof set with a flyer from the mint advertising the 1970 proof set for sale . So they were still selling ,if not minting them a few years later .I am sure I read somewhere that they started minting them after the 1971 proof set was issued , and kept minting them while demand lasted .
  12. mick1271

    1875 F79 Penny

    They are easy to spot , even in poor condition (as long as the exergue and the sea level is visible , it creates an unbroken band straight across the coin) .My one can only be described as very poor but it is easily identifiable .There always seems to be a couple of equally poor condition ones on ebay , when I look to see if I can find an upgrade .
  13. mick1271


    That should be a video of a Sparrowhawk with a pigeon , but I don't seem to be able to add it .
  14. mick1271


    Yes definitely a Kestrel . They used to be extremely common , but I see more Sparrowhawks than Kestrels nowadays .Starting to make a comeback .
  15. mick1271

    More Pennies

    This one had surface Verd spots on both sides . Cleaned it off with acetone and a cotton bud , then treated it with Verdicare .It left the black staining spots where the verd was , but it definitely improved it and didn't harm the lustre .
  16. mick1271

    More Pennies

    The obverse was quite good with no verd . cant find the post (FB is a pain nowadays ) ,If I come across it , I will post the obverse up.
  17. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Nice little windfall for the owner .Handed down by a relative and didn't have any idea of its value .Some of the coins had notes with them , so her relative did know what it was .
  18. mick1271

    More Pennies

    just showed up on a FB page .looks right , but whats peoples thoughts ?
  19. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/A5-PVC-ring-Binder-suitable-for-standard-filofax-size-Black-colour/132183443869?hash=item1ec6bf499d:g:ubEAAOSwi7RZHauE Seen these on ebay .Looks like the same size of holes .
  20. mick1271

    Black spots on uncirculated 2011 2p

    1987 2ps are bronze , but since 1992 ,they have been copper plated steel .This would probably make a difference in the colour of the corrosion (spots) .
  21. mick1271

    More Pennies

    This finally arrived from France after being highlighted on the forum . 1874H 7 over 7 . very poor , but a clear example .
  22. mick1271

    More Pennies

    That might be where I have heard his name from . Something to do with Reading coin club as well .Definitely not me lol.
  23. mick1271

    More Pennies

    Hi Richard , my 2nd name is Martin .I think there is another Mick Martin in the coin community somewhere, can't remember where I saw his name quoted , but it caused a bit of confusion on my part . Middle initial L if that helps do differentiate .