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1934 Wreath Crown

Unidentified Variety
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  1. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    Just some clearer pics.
  2. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    That's great to hear and thanks everyone. I know I sound perhaps a little too excited but I've been after this one for a while now. It's not my most expensive but it was a gap that I wanted to fill and a hard to come by sovereign. Many thanks for all your help.
  3. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    Acquired it on ebay from a fairly old and reputable dealer holds.ms-69 Am i allowed to disclose this info here??? If not, please edit and accept my apologies.
  4. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    It's coin alignment which again is correct from my knowledge.
  5. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    The milling is a little smoothed out of course due to normal wear and tear. No evidence of mounting. Looks quite legit to me. Maybe a VF grade??!!
  6. 1934 Wreath Crown

    Calling all Sovereign Experts

    More photos
  7. I recently acquired this 1879 Sovereign which I had been looking at for quite a while. It's the London Mint variety with a mintage of only 20.013 and therefore very rare. The weight and dimensions appear to be accurate at just under 8 gms. I cannot see anything wrong with it. Looks like a genuine sovereign to me....any comments will be welcome. I will attach a few photos which have been taken to the best of my ability. Also what grade would you attribute to this coin? Thanks
  8. 1934 Wreath Crown

    1934 Wreath Crown Fake or Genuine

    Vicky Silver I took every bit of practical advice offered to me and asked all the experts for their opinion. If I send the coin to anyone else for evaluation and it is removed from the NGC holder, what recourse do I have at any time with the auction house or NGC....NONE. I had the coin in hand and although I am not an expert, I looked at it carefully under 40X and 60X magnification. It looked OK. It is not MS and the wear looked normal. The brownish colouring is only in the photographs not on the coin itself. I have a simple question from all forum participants….why do we get coins graded IF we feel that the independent graders are such novices that they would mistake intentional filing and scuffing of a coin for normal wear and tear? Or miss telltale signs!!! And are NGC so petty, dishonest and irresponsible that both they and HA would ignore a client’s concerns for a few $$$ and intentionally give a false opinion a second time? I don’t think so. Which is why I prefer to pay a little more for a graded coin rather than buy an ungraded coin from a dealer who might want to slip a fake to me for personal gain. I have suffered a large loss on eBay at the hands of a long-standing unscrupulous dealer with 100% positive feedback. What irks me is that while others tried to be positive and helpful, a single individual was insisting he was right even when the best, most respected experts in the business said it looked OK in the photos BUT they could not be certain without having the coin in hand (a conclusion I can accept and respect). However, this one individual is almost certain that the coin is a fake??? I stand by my opinion of him and don’t care if he does not post any comments on my coins or threads in future.
  9. 1934 Wreath Crown

    1934 Wreath Crown Fake or Genuine

    Hello Everyone who had been following this thread. I have just heard back from HA who had submitted the coin to NGC for re-evaluation. NGC have confirmed that the coin is 'struck and genuine'. Therefore, it is not a cast fake item.I am happy with their findings and can finally put this issue to bed. Thanks to everyone who supported and encouraged me. As for the person who started all this, on Coin Talk, I would say....Hope you have more interesting things to do in life and perhaps instead of writing books you need to do some research first. Cheers!!!
  10. 1934 Wreath Crown

    1934 Wreath Crown Fake or Genuine

    Thanks. I too think it is genuine. Anyway it's been sent back for re-evaluation so we shall know in a few days. I'm sure NGC will look at it much more closely now that it is a coin that has raised doubts.
  11. Without a doubt. Their coin has pretty ugly toning.
  12. Looks like at least 70-80% higher than the market price on average. I guess they are counting on people with deep pockets who do not have the time to search for what they want and are prepared to pay a higher price just to buy it there and then. Must say they do have some nice ones though.