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  1. SALOP10

    Great British & it's Territories

    Thanks for taking time out to help and advise You are write regarding prices I think I may have left it a little late to start collecting and the new £2 World War one Battle ship coin seems to be going mad All the best PHIL
  2. SALOP10

    George 1V Gold Sovereign

    cheers lads thank you very much just picked me self up of the floor wow
  3. Regards to the new to the 2015 Two Pound The First World War Centenary WWI coin Have I missed something I bought a presentation pack the other day from the Post Office, with this coin, and looked at the ones posted on E-Bay which states how rare it was and put with change from purchases on the ship. ​But I don't see any difference with the one I have and the one sold on the HMS Belfast ??
  4. SALOP10

    George 1V Gold Sovereign

    Hi Can anyone who specializes in Sovereigns tell me what grade and value the coin has, been in collection over 20 years cheers PHIL
  5. SALOP10

    Great British & it's Territories

    Thank you for helping me with the list of places PHIL
  6. Hi I am new to the forum and to the collecting world I am interested in collecting £2 coins to Great Britain and her Territories near and far Can any one supply me with a list (dated 2000 to date) of over sea's Territories and the £2 coins issued to them. or can I find an up to date book which will list these coins Many thanks Phil