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    1983 2 Pence Mule

    Hi, I'm a new member to the forum, with a pretty comprehensive collection of modern (1860 onwards) coins, most of which are well referenced and catalogued. The one modern coin that I have which fascinates me is the 1983 2 pence mule. There seems to be considerable snobbery associated with it. Yet I have yet to find someone who admits to owning one. I have no wish to enter the debate upon the value. It strikes me that this coin, which is universally recognised as the only true decimal issue rarity, has drawn so much derision. Whatever the merit attached to the design of all UK decimal coins, they are undeniably Coins of the Realm, and will always remain so. Of course no one will ever honestly know how many escaped The Mint, clearly there weren't many, Judging by the amount of publicity relating to it over the years, one would surely have seen more than the few that have publicly been revealed. The only 'serious' attempt to assess how many exist was one of statistical probability. My opinion; IT IS RARE. Irrespective of its aesthetic credibility, it will always have numismatic value because it exists. Therefore it will always be of value to someone!