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  1. Which is why I love love tokens....still 😃
  2. Debbie

    One Penny 1882

    That would be me then! That's a nicely engraved "love token" Do you want to sell it? Peck is that your "potty" penny? Here's the nearest one I have on a 1827 half paenny ...
  3. Debbie

    See a penny, pick it up...

    Perfect for an engraving......
  4. Perfectly normal size for that date - you want to find one that size with 1991 on....
  5. Debbie

    How much is my Oenny Worth

    I take your point that the engraving may have been done later than 1916, but there are tokens out there that see lots of wear post engraving. Here's one on the bay of a similar design and same year, again showing lots of wear on the inner rim. Obviously not the same subject matter, but will give another indication of price.here
  6. Debbie

    How much is my Oenny Worth

    Certainly the wear around the inner rim where it is recessed would suggest wear post alteration.
  7. Debbie

    How much is my Oenny Worth

    Hi Schhokarcoins the coin has been engraved rather than stamped. Engraved coins are always difficult to value as they are usually only worth as much as a particular collector is willing to pay. I would probably pay up to about £30, but with its obvious reference and date you may have more luck if you put it on Ebay under trench art.
  8. Debbie

    Love tokens and engraved coins

    Hi Guys - just seen this. No didn't get an email notification but saw the little blue box! Thanks for thinking of me!
  9. Debbie

    EU referendum - in or out?

    And back to coins! here
  10. Afternoon all. We are in London this weekend and I see that the London Coin Fair is on. Anyone have any information on it please - I've only ever visited the Midland one. Worth the £5 entrance fee? Best to visit am or pm ? I only have a couple of hours wary that I will be overwhelmed with floors of coins that won't really interest me ( ie not engraved! ) . Anyone else planning to go?
  11. Debbie

    Sad Day…...

    Part of my youth too. Saw him a couple of times during the 80's in Manchester an Birmimgham. My favorite track has always been Wild is the Wind https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WezuFTlF9e8
  12. Georgian half penny Stuart. Would be fabulous if I were able to find out which sea battle this was depicting!
  13. And now for something completely different .... Photo's not great, but should fit well with my "maritime collection" ie the other three coins that I have!